Stay put or sell your home – Moving during the Pandemic

28 Sep, 2020

Stay put or sell your home – Moving during the Pandemic

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In the last few months, many homeowners found themselves living and working full time unexpectedly in their own home. Governments around the world encouraged us all to stay at home in lockdown to save lives.

We needed to quickly rethink and adapt our home environments to accommodate full time work and study. This experience, unique in our era, has given a heightened awareness of our physical environment. However such a constant demand on the physical environment and the imprint we make on the home can affect us in various other ways. Here are some top tips for considering Feng Shui as a way to rebalance your home environment whether you’re redecorating a room or want to sell your house.

sell your home
A Feng Shui practitioner will help you create a harmonious environment

Feng Shui to help sell your home or optimise your living space

Many homeowners have embraced their physical environment during the Covid-19 pandemic, relishing the extra time they are able to spend at home. Some have poured energy into physically changing their environment, controlling how it looks and works for them. Some took the opportunity to redecorate. Others wanting a more dramatic change decided to sell up and move-house.

During this discovery and renovation process a select few have discovered that Feng Shui can help the decision-making process. In fact, it can even help to homestage a house to attract a buyer should you decide to move.

Mindfulness, balance and harmony are the traditional benefits of good Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional practice from ancient China of using energy forces to harmonize people with their environments. It is an approach to managing an environment for optimal living and good fortune. It is now practised in the West as a way to enhance our sense of well-being at home.

In today’s idiom Feng Shui is the art & science of living mindfully.  The original Chinese translation means ‘wind and water’.

Good Feng Shui will improve the quality of your home and office environment and the well-being of everyone living there, whether they believe in Feng Shui or not.

As a result, if you want to sell your home staging each room for sale can optimise the presentation and impact by applying the principles of Feng Shui

Who is Feng Shui for?

Anyone who is keen to create a better living and working environment for their home should consider the many benefits of a Feng Shui consultation. When you are planning to sell the house, using a Feng Shui practitioner will allow you to prepare yourselves for the move, attract the next home with certainty, and present a harmonized home environment to potential buyers.

it is always good to declutter before you try to sell your home

Common problems that people report in the home

“Clutter is driving me insane. I don’t know where to start to get to grips with it or prevent it reappearing.”

“We want to sell our house, and know we need to reconfigure our layout and furniture to best effect. How do we do that?”

“We’ve bought a new house and feel over-whelmed by the choice of ways to decorate it. What would work from a Feng Shui point of view?”

Rethinking the multiple uses for a home can help the energy to flow better throughout and for the family to meet with less resistance in life generally.

You may be in a pre-retirement, downsizing or simply moving-house frame of mind and need to deal with the house layout and contents. Feng Shui can help guide you through a set of respected and established processes to optimise your environment.

Living and working from home during a Pandemic

Preparing to sell your home means deciding on the optimal formula for each room

With so many of us living and working from home during this pandemic it’s important we pay more mindful attention to our home environment. We need it to function at its best for the well-being, sanctuary and sanity of everyone living there. Moreover, even if you plan to sell your home rather than continue living there you have a greater reason to invite in an objective consultant to review the presentation. A Feng Shui consultant can help you achieve a more harmonized presentation of your home that will increase its appeal to buyers.

What can you do next

There is a specific process to go through to achieve this. The Chinese called it Feng Shui but it is worth noting that every ancient culture has a similar tradition.

Mary Nondé is a Feng Shui specialist. She is trained in the Western School of Feng Shui and has been working in a wide variety of homes and offices in Europe since 1995.

To enquire about a consultation or request her top 10 Feng Shui tips to transform working from home please use the link below.


Mary Nondé

Feng Shui Specialist



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