Steps to take when you have too much unwanted junk

21 Jul, 2021

Steps to take when you have too much unwanted junk

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From time to time in every household a major decluttering project takes place. Every homeowner finds that they reach a point of no return when they simply must go through all the unwanted junk that has accumulated. They start to clear out items they never use or items that they may be new but they will never use.  Here are some top tips on how to approach the decluttering process.

Steps to take when you have too much unwanted junk piling up

unwanted junk
Selling some of your unwanted junk can raise great funds for projects

Having piles of unwanted junk anywhere around you can be quite stressful. From a broken hairdryer to a dead vacuum cleaner and the dusty juicer collecting dust – declutter. For some people throwing things is just as stressful as cumulating them.

So, we decided to help you by giving you a short manual with several steps on how to make your home cleaner and finally get rid of all stuff you are not using.

Find out what hunk you have

People are surprised when they start going around the house to find out that they have so many things unused. The best strategy to remove them from your home. Create a list with everything on it, then move them one by one to your garage or a room apart. Getting rid of debris will make your house cleaner as well as easier to live in. it will create valuable space. With clean rooms and cabinets filled only with things that you enjoy using, even the quality of your life will drastically improve.

Sell Your Things Online

There’s a lot of places where you can sell your old stuff online. While Craigslist is one of the good options, there are plenty of websites, Facebook groups where people share information on house sales or always give things that they no longer use.

If you spend some time creating high-quality photos of the items you have and write detailed descriptions, you are likely to have some luck making extra cash for the things you would throw away.

Recycle and Upcycle

unwanted junk
Sometimes you can salvage a few items but the rest must be recycled

Some people love to turn their unwanted junk or someone else’s stuff into art by using it to create or build different things. While your old wooden cabinet looks as if it’s hundred years old, you can paint it and use it to hold your plants or turn it into a vanity cabinet.

Some artists are often interested in acquiring old books or clothes to create art pieces. So you can watch DIY videos to make your house more creative than before. If you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body, ask someone to help you. Share the task.

Recycling your junk might require someone’s help, but it can help you clean your house from old technology. Instead of throwing your old boiler, monitor, or laptop in the trash bin, try to find out where you can take them and recycle them.

Start decluttering and cleaning

When people start cleaning their house or garage it is a perfect time to see what items are still useful. The rest is junk.  The best strategy is to start with one room every day. Then try to remove anything unused in the last two years. Plus, decluttering your home is one of the most important steps towards a healthier life. 

People are often surprised once they realize how few items they use regularly. And how many devices, utensils, clothes, and other stuff they hold on to without any good reason.

Hire someone to help you decluttering your unwanted junk

If you realize that this process is too hard for you, ask a neighbor, or hire someone to help. Even if they do part of the project like picking up all your garbage, any support is welcome. You won’t spend too much money, and you’ll end up living in a clean house. It will feel fresh and new once you remove all unnecessary clutter.  Decluttering is a great way to dispose of old and unwanted junk. 

Another thing that could help is hiring a professional service which specializes in the removal of large, unwanted items from homes and businesses. Upon request, junk haulers will assess your situation, then professionally remove furniture, appliances and other items that require a larger vehicle to transport. With an experienced team as this one seen at Boise junk hauling, you can be sure that any service they provide is handled safely, quickly and efficiently. Save yourself the time and effort of lugging heavy items out to the curb by scheduling a convenient day for your next junk hauling appointment.



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