Student housesitting – Why this is a good idea

25 Feb, 2021

Student housesitting – Why this is a good idea

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If you are a student or you know a student housesitting is something to consider. As the homeowner you may hesitate at first to have a student housesitting in your home. However, from our experience at we know that students make very good housesitters. They usually love animals and have lots of energy to help you around the house and garden. Here is a great summary of why you should consider housesitting as a student, or choosing a student to look after things for you when you are away.

Why students could try a house sitting gig

student housesitting
You’ll always have company when pet sitting

If you are a student and wonder what type of job is for you, you have come to the right place. A house-sitting job will be the perfect fit for you. Not only can you combine two tasks and complete assignment writing jobs while house sitting, but you can also experience a lot of new stunning things that will make your job awe-inspiring and satisfying.

Even if you have some second thoughts regarding a house-sitting job, you will get rid of them by the end of this article.

What is a house sitting?

student housesitting
Housesitting requires you to care for a home, pets and garden

Briefly, house sitting is when you live in someone’s apartment or home while the owners are away. You walk the animals, water the plants, and keep the house in good condition. Pet hotels are a thing of the past right now because people prefer to delegate more responsibilities to house sitters and make sure their home is clean and safe when they return.

There are no time frames when it comes to house sitters’ residence. It can last several days, weeks, or even months. It depends on whether the owners go on a short, five-day trip or a long, two-month vacation.

Once you know what it is, let’s take a look at the benefits that prove why you should look for a house sitting job.

Save money as a student housesitting

You don’t pay anything to the owners when you do the job. Nor do they pay you. However, they provide food and other essentials to make your stay convenient. House sitting is an excellent opportunity to save money and gain valuable experience living in a different state or even city.

A student housesitting has more money in the bank

Many experienced house sitters also work as freelancers. Such people find individual projects when they settle in the house, plan their work, and earn additional money. Indeed, a plethora of them doesn’t earn too much (but it depends on their skills). Still, it matters not since they don’t pay anything for their residence, and thus all the earned money can be saved or invested.

Get different accommodation for free

When you are a student, every penny counts. Especially when it comes to traveling. Finding a lovely apartment will always drain a decent amount of money from your budget. And depending on the country or state you visit, the sums may differ impressively.

A house sitting job helps you lift this burden off your shoulders. You don’t have to mull over how much money you need to save to rent the hotel or room when you are traveling.

A student housesitting can spend time with animals

student housesitting
Some pets need more company than others

If you are heavily into pets, this may be the driving factor behind choosing a house-sitting job. People have various animals, so be sure to take care of them when they are on vacation. You will have to walk dogs, pet cats, feed birds and parrots, and even ride horses! Overall, it is pure bliss for those who can’t imagine their lives without animals.

Sadly, we can’t usually take our animals anywhere we go. When we can, such trips may turn into a torture for them. House sitting is an excellent option for people who miss their animals and seek furry friends when being away from home.

Discover local neighborhoods and towns

Traveling is great, but we don’t usually have enough time to see the famous sites or inspiring places. We tend to follow guidebooks or ask people who have visited the place for advice. As a student housesitting you will have plenty of opportunities to explore places that are off the beaten track. You don’t have to rush and visit overblown monuments (which are useful, of course!).

When you house-sit, you can’t avoid interacting with people. The house’s owners will probably inform their neighbors about “a student that will take care of our place when we are away.” This is your chance to learn the place and reveal its most striking sides. And as the saying goes, locals know best. So be sure to seek their advice on which places are worth visiting.

Experience how people live in different states

We live in a diverse world. People are different, and they have their own viewpoints on life. House sitting makes you immerse yourself in the house and place. This will give you an eye-opening experience about people’s culture. You don’t have to go thousands of miles to capture cultural differences. You can spot them when sitting in a house located a hundred miles from your home city.

You can learn various things, starting from the family’s history and ending with how they cook food. Many families are also zero-waste, making them refrain from using plastic, compost food, and grow plants. It might be hard for you to get accustomed to it. But believe it or not, it will change your mindset in the long run.

Pets can be good company in whatever shape or form they take

Learn about the community

Another benefit of being a student housesitting is that it helps you immerse yourself in the community. This is a great advantage if you want to learn the local language.  It is always exciting to hear people’s stories and look at life the way they perceive you and talk to them on a daily basis. You can volunteer to help them walk their dogs or do their shopping if they are seniors. Last but not least, as a student house sitting and interacting with locals help you gain vital links that might be of assistance in any circumstance. Student life will come to an end, sooner or later. These friendships and acquittances could last a lifetime.


If you are a student, you may consider looking for a house-sitting job or a free gig for free accommodation. It is a great chance to travel and experience many other perks, including but not limited to learning about the community. Living like a local as a student housesitting means that you learn about the place your living in from the inside out. Your accommodation is free and you’re spending time with animals in the open. After all, finding a house-sit has never been so easy. Join our network of Housesitmatch trusted housesitters to learn more.


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