Student rental housing – How should a student choose

3 Dec, 2020

Student rental housing – How should a student choose

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Do you have a student in the family? Are they preparing to leave home for the first time? As a parent and homeowner you will no doubt have an opinion on where they live when they are away from home for the first time. And no doubt the College or University will have lists of recommendations for you all to review. But bear in mind, that balance of stating an opinion based on experience and letting them discover for themselves is hard to achieve. Here are some top tips on how you can help them choose the best student rental housing.

student rental housing
A student needs accommodation space to sleep and work

How Should A Student Choose Rental Housing

Tenants can be reluctant to offer apartments to students. The general expectation is that the apartment will be noisy, crowded, and the residents drunk. Neighbors’ complaints are a worry. Plus there is a risk that the will leave the city for the summer, which means that the apartment will have to be rented out again. However, many properties that are organised for student rentals are prepared for these gaps. Students are often rented the cheaper and more shabby apartments, so it is left to the students to make them cozy.

The choices in student rental housing

Most students find accommodation on or near campus in their first year. And often the housing administrators have lists of recommended places for different budgets. Some students want to live in a community, others may choose to live on their own. Some may be even be lucky enough to find a housesitting gig that saves them the accommodation fee. Most will likely choose to live in a shared apartment or house, and will look for ways to make this enjoyable. Here is a guide for the main decisions to consider:

How to choose an apartment

The student should feel comfortable in their own space

Search adverts and announcements

The owners of apartments and rooms exhibit offers without intermediaries. Also look through the ads in the newspapers or use the best apartment app. Do not be lazy to write about the search for housing in social networks with a request to make a repost.

Ask friends and acquaintances

Ask your relatives and friends if they have any accommodation. Your acquaintances may help with a discount, and it will be easier to negotiate with them. The landlords rent apartments to the students on the recommendation of hunters and agents.

The condition of the rent apartment may be different. That is why some students decide to make repairs. But it is not worth to get carried away with it. It is best to agree with the owners that the repair will be made against the rent, or be sure that you will not be evicted after the apartment is changed. What if after such eviction they will evict you, raise the rent price, and find new tenants?

Check your first impression of the student rental housing

The owner wants to leave the apartment in good hands. It is important to make an impression that you are reliable. Be polite, but confident. You have to convince the landlord that you will treat the property in good faith. If you are a minor, agree on the rent boundaries with your parents first.

And do not forget that the tenant looks at you in the first place when examining the apartment. Let it be clear that you can be relied upon. Come to the viewing clean and tidy. If it is possible, take your parent with you, and sign a contract with him, so the owner will be more confident in your solvency.

Ask if the payment for the apartment can be divided into two. This will reduce the price and make it quite cheap. Before committing to the price think about any repairs needed. Pay attention to the condition of the busy areas: the kitchen and bathroom. Replacement of faucets, pipe breakthroughs, or wiring problems can cause problems and be costly. Therefore, it is better to check all taps, sockets and batteries during the first inspection. If they leak point this out.

Apartment with a settlement

In this arrangement, the owner is resident and he rents one of the free rooms to students. In order that life in such a room doesn’t turn into a nightmare, take a responsible attitude to choosing the apartment and the owner. You will have to share your living space with this person. Remember your first look is a first impression. Go back to visit again if possible. And find out who rented the room before you – ask them what they think about the owner and apartment.

A large apartment for several people

There are two critical points here – the neighbors and the layout. The layout is obvious: the most comfortable for everyone will be an apartment with isolated rooms and a common corridor. As for the choice of neighbors, there are two options. Gather a group of friends, or move into an apartment where someone you know lives already. Of course, the first one is preferable, but sometimes it may be difficult both to study and live with your friends. Anyway, may help you with your studies. Fortunately, you will be able to clarify this point during the first viewing.

As for the location, many people try to look for an apartment only near the subway. Such apartments may be several tens of dollars more expensive. But if there is a choice between an apartment, which is far from the place of study or center, and the one near the subway (with a small price difference), then it is worth to choose the second one. At the first option, later you will have to spend more money for travel.



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