Summertime holidays – 5 Top tips on how to have the best time

28 May, 2021

Summertime holidays – 5 Top tips on how to have the best time

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Hurray! The long-awaited Summer holidays are finally here. It’s finally time to go out, grab that favorite bite alfresco, and forget all your troubles while you bask in the sun. Before Covid-19 we were all able to enjoy many outdoor activities, foreign travel and crowds. Today, many of us are planning out Summertime holidays while things are still taking shape in the new normal.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and challenging economic times are changing how we take holidays. Despite these changes, Summer is still a season to when we want to relax, reflect and find re-establish a balance in life. 

Many petowners are taking pets with them this year on staycations. Many housesitters are staying home. Here are some top tips to help you make the most of Summer wherever you are. 

Summertime holidays are here – Here’s how to have the best time

Summertime holidays
Prepare ahead of time for your holidays this Summer – then you can really relax

Use these 5 top tips and you can still have the best time this Summer.

1. Be in control in your Summertime holidays

There is no room for wasting time or energy these days. To emerge victoriously, you must be the best in everything that you do. The first step towards accomplishing this is to have everything under control as you take time off to enjoy the Summer. 

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To make this possible, make good plans for your Summertime holidays by getting a house sitter to manage your home when you are away. When you prepare, ensure to provide them with everything they’ll need, especially all the essential contact details. 

At work prepare by leaving key projects under the care of a responsible person. They should keep the work moving as you take time off to enjoy your Summertime holidays. Equally important, explain to them in detail what is needed and how to achieve it before your handover. 

2. Be available

Taking a holiday means leaving some family members, and often your business or place of work. Today, keeping in touch with people back at home couldn’t be easier no matter how far you go. There are so many ways of communicating, thanks to technology. 

You can, for instance, get in touch with your loved ones and business partners while you are on the go. Use the phone, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, iMessage, and Skype. Concurrently you can opt for virtual mail from companies such as make sure people get you whenever they want, and no vital message passes you. 

3. Spend wisely this holiday season

Summertime holidays
Finding a suitable housesitter to care for your pets in the Summertime holidays is important for peace of mind

It’s arguable that holidays can become expensive especially for a family. Prepare wisely and make sure you have reserve money for your family and personal use.  ensure to visit the affordable places and spend money wisely. 

You can, for instance, opt for holiday homes or apartments that allow self-catering instead of wasting money in expensive hotels. Moreover, try to keep your vacation local to save on the traveling costs and other associated expenses. 

Look early for holiday discount options

Additionally, be on the lookout for free and discounted offers this summer. It may surprise you to learn that many of the things you plan to do this vacation are going for much discounted prices. Therefore do your homework well to compare the different prices before settling on any option. 

If you’re seeking an affordable yet luxurious option, consider exploring the benefits of a Hilton timeshare resale as they often provide access to top-notch accommodations at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to enjoy high-quality stays without breaking the bank.

By opting for a timeshare resale, you can secure fantastic vacation experiences and create lasting memories while being mindful of your budget.

4. Stay safe

The last thing you want is to get in trouble with the authorities for breaking any protective COVID-19 rules. In addition, note that being careless on your Summertime holidays will endanger your life and that of your loved ones. 

As of now, it is not known for how long the virus will be around. Moreover, there is no known cure for the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, this requires that you practice high levels of discipline in everything you do to minimize contracting this disease. 

Besides observing any present rules regarding this virus and social distancing, try to visit and stay in safe destinations. That is destinations and venues that have put effort towards protecting the public from Coronavirus. Such places must be sparsely populated, with everybody wearing facemasks. Plus they must be regularly cleaned and sanitized. 

5. Do something in these Summertime holidays

keep valuables safe
Prepare well for your Summertime holidays, plan ahead to find housesitters and to go somewhere fun

It’s not logical to engage in the same activities you were doing five years ago. The truth is monotony is dull, and this may keep you from enjoying yourself.  Furthermore, things are changing faster as every year passes. It could be possible that those activities you were used to in the Summertime holidays are already. 

Therefore try to research current fun activities you can keep yourself busy with this coming summer vacation. If you like going fishing or cycling for fun try adding a variation. Try to have a picnic at a state park or go camping this time around. 

Whatever you decide to do during your summer vacation, give it your all. That way you’ll get the best from your break. This will require that you keep stress at bay and focus on the moment. Then you can enjoy your Summertime holidays with peace of mind knowing your housesitters are in place caring for home and property.

6. Finding housesitters to help in the Summertime holidays

Plan well ahead to find great checked house and petsitters. If you begin a short while before your trip you can register on a housesitting website and find checked sitters for free.

How to Find a Housesitter

Having a pet can be very beneficial to your health, but what is the best way to find the housesitter or petsitter you need at an affordable price?

Looking for an ideal petsitter

Depending on the assortment of pets you have you may be looking for a specific skill set.

Pet house sitter to the rescue

To make this transition even easier for you and your pet, consider sourcing or hiring a pet house sitter. These individuals work by solely looking after your pet inside your home while you continue to make the most out of life outside.

The services of a pet house sitter can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require your pet to travel from your house, reducing their stress and anxiety.

find a petsitter
Finding a pet housesitter tends to be a task for Mum’s in the household

1. Join the best house sitting websites to check online listings 

The reason online networks like exist is to facilitate matches between home and pet owners and checked sitters who can help you care for your pets and property when you can’t.

These networks are easy to join you simply register online, create a profile and then create an advert which describes your dates for the assignment, your pets and what is required.

The network will then share your assignment advert with the registered sitters and then they apply. While this is not a fool proof way to find a sitter it can help you save a lot of money because largely these housesitting websites offer free housesitter if you can offer free accommodation.

A final word on Summertime holidays

The summertime holidays are a real opportunity to relax and escape from all the worry going around you. Get the best from this season by implementing the above five workable measures. 

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