Sustainable lifestyle at home – The pro tips

12 Sep, 2021

Sustainable lifestyle at home – The pro tips

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We are all increasingly conscious of the need to create a sustainable lifestyle at home. But like many homeowners you may be thinking where do you start?  So we have prepared an article for you with some pro tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more.

Pro Tips To Help You Live More Sustainably

sustainable lifestyle at home
Dedicating part of your garden to growing fruit and vegetables is very sustainable

The world nowadays is much more natural disaster-friendly, than it was half a century ago. Some could say that it is not so, but the evidence proves the opposite. Winters are harsher, the Summers hotter and wildfires and floods are everywhere. Many scientists have come out saying that a substantial change needs to happen to help the world recover. Of course, we are the ones who need to change first. That is ‘we’, the ordinary people. We need to realize the state we are in and start changing our lifestyles for the better. Whether you choose to build or buy a tiny house for sustainability, or edit how you live in other ways, here are some tips to help you live more sustainably.

Sustainability lifestyle at home

Recycling for a sustainable lifestyle

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sustainability is recycling. Recycling is of great importance to our world. Each day more and more countries have an infrastructure to help recyclers dispose of their waste, and some also give benefits in return. You should look to buy things which can be recycled.

Lighting that is energy efficient

Also, you can use LED lights instead of the regular ones, since they last longer. You could let the sunshine through your windows as much as possible so you do not waste electricity. When you are not using a room, you should turn off the lights.

Renewables and sustainable energy use at home

If you are living in a sunny place and can afford it, build in solar panels so you can at least heat your boiler. If you need help, Whole People can introduce you to the basic equipment that you could use. Some countries offer the ability to connect your solar panels to the city’s power grid. So if you would produce extra electricity it would go into the grid and they would subtract it from your bill.

sustainable lifestyle at home
Solar panels for renewable energy is increasingly common

Saving water

When taking showers you could take care not to waste too much water, and to heat the water accordingly to your needs. When washing the dishes also try not to waste the water, turn the tap off while you’re scrubbing. If you have a few pieces of clothing that you need to wash, you can do it by hand. Also, try not using the dryer if you can, put your clothes to dry on a rack or a line.

Home grown produce for a sustainable lifestyle at home

If you have a place where you can grow vegetables that would be great for you since you help the environment but you also get healthy food which you know where it comes from. You should also use organic fertilizers.

Use of public transport and electric cars

The best solution for a short ride is buying a bicycle. It is completely earth-friendly, the cost is usually acceptable and you have many places where you can park it. Many cities have the option of renting a bike.

The use of public transport is a great solution also since it is very cheap and we have less traffic and carbon emissions the more this type is used. You can also make a deal with your colleagues to use one car to go to work. 

If you have to use a car, try buying an electric one. In the last few years, the electronic car has seen great improvement, and it has almost the same features as a gasoline-fuelled car.

sustainable lifestyle at home
Renting bicycles is increasingly popular in cities and towns

Shopping and sustainable goods

We all love to buy some brand new clothes, but we should consider that second-hand stores also present clothes that are in near mint condition. Or if we won’t do that, we should invest in clothes that are better quality, and try not buying new stuff until we realize that we require it. Reducing how many new clothes we buy will help us achieve a sustainable lifestyle at home. 

Going paperless at home

Try to subscribe online to all of the newspapers that you are usually getting in your mail. When sending messages try using electronic messaging options like E-mail or others. You can also ask suppliers to send you the electronic version of the receipt instead of the paper one. Also when taking notes, you should use your electronic device.

The sustainable kitchen

Try to cook almost without any waste, by using everything that you can. Buy as much food as you can eat. Use cloths instead of paper towels, which you can wash and reuse. Use a dishwasher instead of handwashing. Make your coffee instead of buying takeaway. Try to use water sparingly, only when you need it.

home brewed coffee
Brewing coffee at home is a very sustainable habit

 A final thought on creating a sustainable lifestyle at home

The world will only be on the right track once the people in it realize the importance of living moderately. As homeowners we need to stop our reckless wasting, and then the legislature will come with it. When the government realizes the importance of it for the people they will also look to help since it is also in their interest. By doing some small things we can have a lasting effect on our surroundings and thus possibly save Earth.



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