Sustainable living – 5 Tips for the eco-conscious

11 Jul, 2023

Sustainable living – 5 Tips for the eco-conscious

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Whether you are a homeowner or renting your accommodation the practice of sustainable living is becoming very popular. But how do you bring your eco-conscious leanings and indeed philosophy into every day life? In this article we share some top tips for one approach to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable living starts with quality furniture: 5 Tips for eco-conscious consumers

sustainable living
Finding second hand furniture to furnish your living space is one way to manage sustainable living at home
Why is sustainable living important?

The need for sustainable living is becoming a vital part of our daily discussions and an important part of the way we live and consume. We need to be mindful and careful with the world’s precious resources.

Is sustainable living the same as zero-waste living?

Zero Waste” is a way of life that promotes the goal of reducing the amount of material we throw away and instead reincorporating by-products of one system for use for another system. There is no such thing as “waste” in Nature. In nature, the by-product of one system is feedstock for another system

What is meant by sustainable living?

Sustainable living is the practice of existing with a light tread on the planet, using few new resources and consumer goods, and reusing recycled products and goods wherever possible.

The rising call for sustainability in all aspects of life is leading more of us to rethink how we approach even the most common purchases. One area that often gets overlooked in this surge in sustainable living is the home furnishing sector. Recycling furniture is one of the top sustainable living tips.

However, our choices here can significantly impact the environment, as the furniture industry is a major contributor to deforestation and waste. By embracing sustainable furniture, we can help reduce this impact, all while adding character and charm to our homes.

Here are five tips to guide your next furniture shopping adventure and help you live a more sustainable life:


1. Opt for quality over quantity for sustainable living practice

Investing in high-quality furniture is the first step towards eco-conscious and sustainable living. Consider dining room tables – often the heart of a home. It sees daily use and, as such, should be sturdy, durable, and well-crafted to withstand years of family dinners, holiday celebrations, and late-night homework sessions.

Avoid the lure of cheaper, mass-produced pieces that are likely to fall apart within a few years. These tables may cost less initially, but their lack of longevity leads to a cycle of wasteful consumption. Instead, opt for solid wood tables built by skilled craftsmen. Their robust construction ensures that they will serve your family for years, even decades, to come.

sustainable living
Renovating furniture can be learned from a mentor, handing down skills in sustainability to a new generation

2. Choose sustainable materials

The materials that your furniture is made from matter immensely. Opt for furniture made from sustainable, renewable, or recycled materials. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, and FSC certified timber are all excellent choices that significantly reduce your carbon footprint. 

In contrast, furniture made from plastic or non-renewable resources contributes to pollution and resource depletion.

When shopping, look for manufacturers who provide information about the origins of their materials and their sustainability credentials. This transparency indicates a commitment to environmental responsibility.


3. Embrace pre-loved furniture

Pre-loved or second-hand furniture is another great way to practice sustainable living. Not only are you giving a new home to an existing piece (reducing demand for new production), but you’re also often purchasing a well-made, unique item with plenty of life left.

You can find quality second-hand furniture in a variety of places: thrift stores, online marketplaces, estate sales, or even family attics. 

Don’t forget, a little restoration work can transform an outdated piece into something beautiful and personal.


sustainable living
Some items of second hand furniture need little renovation and are very beautiful

4. Buy locally made furniture

Another tip for eco-conscious consumers is to buy local. Imported furniture not only racks up carbon miles, but it often comes from countries with less stringent environmental regulations.

Buying furniture made in your own country supports local economies and reduces your carbon footprint. Better yet, look for furniture makers in your local community. These pieces may be higher in price, but you’re paying for quality and supporting local craftspeople and their sustainable practices.


5. Consider furniture rental or lease-to-own

For those frequently on the move, or those who want to try out a style before committing, furniture rental or lease-to-own companies are a great option for sustainable living. These services allow you to have high-quality, stylish furniture without committing to ownership.

When you’re done, the company takes back the furniture, refurbishes it if needed, and rents it out again, creating a circular economy and reducing waste.

This concept is still quite new, but as the sharing economy continues to grow, so too does the availability and options for furniture rental.

gardening tips
Leading a sustainable lifestyle can include growing your own fruit and vegetables

Sustainable living in summary

Sustainable living truly can start with quality furniture, it is one of the easiest sustainable living practices available to us. It’s not just about making a home look good. It’s about making choices that respect and preserve our planet. What is more second hand furniture is usually very well priced to make this a very good option.

By choosing quality over quantity, opting for sustainable materials, embracing pre-loved furniture, buying locally, and even considering furniture rental, we can all make a difference.

It’s time to make our homes not just a reflection of our style, but also a reflection of our values and our commitment to sustainability. Let’s create beautiful spaces that also honor our planet.


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