Sustainable travel – Electric vehicles are the future

19 Oct, 2021

Sustainable travel – Electric vehicles are the future

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We all dream of sustainable travel in the future, for ourselves and our children.  Whether as homeowners or housesitters the idea of being able to move around, travel and go places with minimal impact on the planet is a dream we can help to transform into reality. We can all make choices every day that help us get a little closer to a sustainable future on this planet. Electric vehicles are such a conscious step. Here is an article that will share how electric vehicles will contribute to making that dream a reality.

Electric vehicles are the future of driving

sustainable travel
All kinds of vehicles can be electrified today

We like to drive to our destinations around the country we live in. We get a housesitter, pack our bags, fill up with gas, and go. But in the future, we may not be filling up with gas. The world is transitioning to electric vehicles. It’s inevitable. The benefits are too good to pass up. Moreover, there are many reasons why the switch will be beneficial for us all.

We can protect the natural awe inspiring landscapes that are being threatened by concrete cities, while helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Some points in this article demonstrate that driving on electricity is better than gasoline-powered cars. This is in terms of efficiency, cost savings, pollution reduction, and much more.

Sustainable travel or green travel is enabled by electricity

– Electricity is cheaper than petrol or gasoline

While many people assume electric vehicles are more expensive to run, the truth of the matter is that electricity as a source of fuel for cars will save you money. No wonder people are considering investing and watching the NIO earnings as an investment. In 2016, for example, it cost about $1,500 less to drive an electric car than a gasoline-powered car.

The experts say it costs about $1.50 less to charge an electric vehicle over a gasoline car throughout 10,000 miles. They say that an average American spends roughly $2,500 per year on gasoline, whereas those that own electric cars only pay approximately $600 on electricity for their cars annually. This is not even taking into account some states offer rebates for electric vehicle owners who drive low-emission vehicles.

sustainable travel
Electric vehicles are permeating every day life

– Electric vehicles are easier on the environment than gas vehicles

Another factor to consider when comparing gas prices to electricity is how much easier electric cars are on the environment. The U.S Department of Energy says, “a gallon of gasoline burned emits roughly 19 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of several gasses that cause Earth’s atmosphere to trap solar energy and gradually warm the planet”. A gasoline-powered car emits about 0.55 pounds of CO2 per mile. In contrast, they emit 0.18 pounds of CO2 per mile, “nearly 1/5th as much as a regular car”. This means that the drivers are doing their part for the environment by switching from gas to electricity. Plus, they will save money at the same time.

– Driving an electric vehicle is greener than driving a gasoline car

Experts on sustainable travel say it takes an average of nine gallons of water to produce one gallon of gasoline. The drivers who drive on electricity cut out this process entirely, meaning they use less water than gas drivers. They also say “it takes about 2,000 kW hours of electricity to produce one barrel of gasoline.” This means it takes even more energy and resources to produce gasoline than clean water.

This further reinforces the point that driving on electricity is better for the environment than going on gasoline. If you want to do your part in helping the environment, use an electric vehicle over a classic car. Not only are electric cars suitable for the planet, but they’re cheaper in terms of cost-savings when you factor in maintenance costs, fuel costs, etc. Overall, electric vehicles are more inexpensive for everyone.

sustainable travel
By electrifying our vehicles we will be less dependent on overseas gas supplies

– Domestic sustainable travel

Another benefit of switching from gas to electric is less dependency on foreign oil with an electric car. “In Q3 2017, 27% of the petroleum consumed in the U.S. transportation sector came from foreign sources.” So instead of having a third less gas supply than a decade ago, we could have 27% more if electric cars took over.

If you’re still not convinced that electrifying our vehicles is beneficial to both wallet and environment, consider this:

“The average car emits 20 pounds of CO2 per mile driven.”

That means that an electric car is almost five times as efficient as a gasoline-powered car.

One way to help improve air quality is by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 91% of Americans live in areas with unhealthy smog levels.
  • 93% live in areas where particulate pollution exceeds federal safety limits.

Manufacturers of electric cars say that “the biggest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by electrifying transportation.” Switching over from gasoline cars to electric cars, you help prevent further damage to our planet’s environment.

Benefits of green travel

Electric vehicles are safer than gasoline cars

Another benefit of electric vehicles over traditional cars is how much safer they are than gasoline-powered cars. For example, according to Electrek, “the Tesla Model S has an all-electric range which exceeds the next best vehicle by more than double with a record of 542 miles.” However, even though the claims that their car only emits 0.18 pounds of CO2 per mile compared to regular gasoline engines that emit around 0.55 pounds of CO2 per mile, it’s still not wholly environmental.

Green travel goals

All this simply means that the car is much more efficient in emissions than a regular gasoline-powered car. Yet we know they cannot reduce their carbon footprint to zero.  That is the ultimate green travel or eco travel goal. The reason being that parts are still involved in the production and distribution process for electricity. This in turn creates carbon emissions and other pollutants such as nitrous oxide (N2O) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).

A final thought on electric vehicles and sustainable travel

Another benefit of electric cars over gasoline-powered cars is how they protect those inside them. “In 2016, 37% of all automobile fatalities were due to drunk driving.” However, this is no longer an issue with an electric car that runs on electricity since you can’t drink and drive. By eradicating drunk driving deaths, we can save thousands of lives every year.



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