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make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy
8 Jul, 2021

Make a bedroom comfortable and cosy – Here’s how

As a homeowner there is nothing better than returning to a welcoming home after a hard day at work.  Even better is when your bedroom is exactly how you want it. Many people want to make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy. Here are some top tips to help you do just that. Design tips […]

pillow design
3 Jun, 2021

Pillow design can affect the overall look of a room

When choosing your bedroom design and linen don’t overlook the pillow design. Most homeowners completely overlook the size and shape and texture of their pillows. However, it may surprise you to learn that their very design will affect the overall look of your bedroom. Read on to learn how. How pillow design affects your overall […]

cozy child's bedroom
25 May, 2021

Cozy child’s bedroom – How do I decorate?

Every parent and homeowner wants to create a comfortable and safe environment for their family. Children in particular bring on a desire in most of us to decorate to suit their stage in life and their needs. Yet creating a cozy child’s bedroom can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you get […]