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tips for cat sitting
9 Sep, 2021

Tips for cat sitting – Top 10

Every cat owner knows the curious responsibility of ‘owning’ or at least befriending Kitty Kats. It’s less a pet owner relationship but more a tolerance of benign tolerance on their part.  Regardless, from time to time if we have cats at home, we will need a cat sitter at home to feed our cats. The […]

keep pets at home
5 Sep, 2021

Why keep pets at home with petsitters?

As every pet owner knows minding your pets yourself is a joy. However, when you have to find pet care for your pet friends when you go away that opens a set of challenges. The questions most people worry about are around whether or not to keep pets at home, or to find an alternative […]

cat sitting
26 Jun, 2018

Cat minding cattery alternative for cat lovers

Cat minding cattery alternative: Why one owner chose cat sitting Lisa and Milo go back a few years. They have moved houses together once in the UK and even emigrated together to Spain. Milo is very dear to Lisa, he’s family. His well-being is really important. In this blog HouseSitMatch asked Lisa the cat owner […]