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dog owners tips
15 Sep, 2021

Dog owners tips – In-ground or Wireless Dog Fences?

All new pet owners go through worries about keeping the animals safe in their home and on their property. This thought grows more serious if you have a new dog or you move to a new property. Have you considered the fencing? Have you decided which is best for you, in-ground fencing or wireless dog […]

11 Sep, 2021

Dog-sit – What does it mean and where can you go?

Are you a pet owner or more importantly a dog owner? Have you had to leave your dog at home or in kennels when you travel? Then you’ll know about dogsitting, dog minding and dog kennels. However, whether you have paid for these pet sitting services or not you may not know what the term […]

new dog owners
25 May, 2021

New dog owners – Here are the 8 Must-haves

When you are a pet owner, you need and want to give the best to your dog. Like many other new dog owners you’ll likely be keen to get the right balance in care. This means that you should not be limited to providing necessities such as food and shelter, but you also need to […]