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dogsitters near me
27 Aug, 2021

Dogsitters near me – Is this what you need?

Every dog owner needs dogsitters at some point in their pet ownership lifetime. Your search may start your picture of the ideal petsitter or indeed a feeling you get when you meet and talk to the dog minder. And you might first look up full time professional petsitters who live in your locality. Or consider […]

25 Nov, 2019

8 Home Pet Remedies to Protect Your Dogs from Fleas

Pet owners and dog owners especially worry about keeping pets healthy and free from pests like fleas. Whether you are into tried and tested home pet remedies or vet prescribed remedies for fleas on dogs you should consider all the options available, whether they are anti flea sprays or edible flea treatments. One way or […]

17 Dec, 2018

Dog owners & dogsitters choose the best leash for purpose

Whether as a dog owner or a dogsitter choose the best dog leash is critical for the type of activity and the dog. Size matters, the type of activity matters, and the general personality and the level of vigorous activity expected from the dog will also influence your choice of leash. Here are some tips […]