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good dog behavior seen in this terrier
11 May, 2024

Dog Behavior: Best Tips for a Well-Behaved Pet

If you are considering becoming a pet owner or more especially a dog owner you need to plan for and consider how to encourage and train for good dog behaviour, to enjoy a well-behaved pet. Read on to learn our top tips for dog training and developing manageable pet habits in your dog. The ABCs […]

dog chews his nails
14 Dec, 2020

Here’s why My Dog Chews His Nails

As a dog owner you may find yourself worrying that your dog has rather unsavoury habits.  For example, dogs often chew their nails. You may ask yourself but why does my dog chew his nails? Here are some possible reasons why your dogs bite their nails. Photo by Mathew Coulton Is your dog chewing his nails? […]