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choosing flooring for home
9 Jun, 2021

Choosing flooring for home – Things to consider

On buying a property or when you are redecorating you may well find yourself choosing flooring for home in a rush. Take your time and think about all the permutations of use. In this article we offer homeowners an opportunity to reflect on the type of flooring they might consider and the frequency of updating […]

renovating with stained concrete floors
1 Jun, 2021

Renovating with stained concrete floors – Read this article

If you are remodelling your home or place of business you may be looking at flooring options. As a homeowner renovating with stained concrete floors can be a really innovative and affordable way to bring design and insultation to your home. If you are running a business with heavy footfall a concrete floor is also […]

wood flooring at home
14 Sep, 2020

Fancy wood flooring at home? Here are the latest trends

As a homeowner you may be keen on a particular style of decor. Increasingly many people are choosing wood flooring at home in order to introduce a particular look or style. Here are some of the latest trends using wood for flooring that you may find appealing. Wood Flooring Trends That You Need In Your […]