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living room
2 Feb, 2021

Top Tips to make your living room feel bigger

If you have lived in your home for sometime you may find that your space is beginning to feel smaller simply because of your stuff. There are some rooms for which a lot of contents is a good thing and practical. However, as a homeowner you know that particular rooms like the living room need […]

home bathroom decor
1 Mar, 2020

Home bathroom décor – Organising your bathroom

Planning your home bathroom decor and layout can really optimise how you view and use your space.  As a homeowner you will no doubt be mindful about the bathroom spaces in your home, especially if you are inviting guests or housesitters to stay with you or in your absence. Here are some general guidelines for […]

preparing for housesitters
14 Feb, 2020

Prepare for Housesitters – Ways to Declutter Your House

When you have committed to having pet sitters or housesitters to stay in your home to care for your pets and property when you are away, it is good to declutter your home as a way to prepare for housesitters. The main rooms that get busy with home traffic should be cleaned and tidied, and […]