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winter home preparation
12 Oct, 2022

Winter home preparation – Checklist

If you are a homeowner or a long term housesitter caring for property for snowbirds you need to prepare the the home for Winter. In this article we offer you a Winter home preparation checklist. Read on to learn our top tips. Winter home preparation jobs – Checklist The leaves have all fallen, the air […]

first time homeowner
6 Oct, 2022

First time homeowner – Under the sink essentials

If you are a first time homeowner you may still be learning the ropes of how to maintain and manage your property. An area of your home that can be extremely useful and equally a missed opportunity is the kitchen. More specifically, use the space under the sink in the kitchen to organise essential items […]

safety tips for home
8 Jun, 2022

Safety tips for home repairs – Recommendations

Every homeowner wants to maintain a functional and comfortable home. And from time to time that means undertaking some home maintenance. Before you start, read this article which offers recommendations on safety tips for home repairs. Recommended safety tips for home repairs Over 26 million households perform home repairs annually, which includes maintenance and improvement […]