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home needs renovation
14 Jul, 2021

Home needs renovation – Here’s what to consider

As a property owner you will be responsible for maintenance. As a homeowner, the best way to manage your home maintenance is to constantly keep an eye on a number of factors around the property. That way you can more easily detect when your home needs renovation or simply a makeover. Read on to learn […]

repairing your own roof
24 Jun, 2021

Repairing your own roof – Here’s some important advice

If you are a homeowner you will be conscious of all the costs of home maintenance. As a house owner you may be particularly mindful of large maintenance costs such as care for your roof and the structure of your home. You may even be tempted to save money by repairing your own roof. Think […]

commercial building safety
13 Jun, 2021

Commercial building safety – Lessons for all of us

When undertaking home maintenance we often forget standard safety precautions. As homeowners, we’re working at home in a relaxed manner. Moreover, we’re often on our own and it’s easy to forget. So it is worth reminding ourselves of what formal commercial building safety precautions look like. Read on to benefit from these lessons on commercial […]

new vacuum cleaner
12 Jun, 2021

Your new vacuum cleaner – How to choose the right one

From time to time we are all in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. And though these moments might be years apart for most home and petowners they are nonetheless important decisions to be made and critical turning points in your home maintenance arrangements. Here are some top tips to help you make the […]

home kitchen renovation
5 Jun, 2021

Home kitchen renovation – Practical improvements

Does your kitchen need a revamp? You’re not alone. Every homeowner from time to time looks at their kitchen and thinks how can I improve this without spending much time or money. Well look no further. Here are some practical and inexpensive home kitchen renovation hacks to refresh the look of your kitchen. Home kitchen […]