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water filter
25 Nov, 2021

Water filter integration in your kitchen design

When designing or renovating your kitchen consider the placement of a water filter. Homeowners often forget the advantages of a water filter, when it is easy to become preoccupied with so many other larger and more prominent features in a new kitchen. Take time to make a plan when designing your kitchen, and remember to […]

metal work essentials
21 Nov, 2021

Metal work essentials for home maintenance

If you have metal work in your home or a related business, you need to understand a basic set of metal work essentials. If as a homeowner you are about to commission contractors to help you do some research. Here is an easy guide to understanding different metal fabrication processes and welding. Read on it […]

affordable DIY ideas
18 Nov, 2021

8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation

Every homeowner who lives in one property long enough needs to renovate and decorate. So it is really important to try and research economic ways of renovating, otherwise costs can spiral out of control. Here are 8 affordable DIY ideas to help you get started. 8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation  Photo by KJ […]