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home electronics
30 Aug, 2021

Home electronics maintenance – Why this is important

Almost every homeowner today has some type of home electronics installed in their home. Whether you have an air conditioning system or a heating system that has a timer, or a burglar alarm system you have such machines. Maintaining your home electronics is vital to ensure full functionality and a long life for the equipment. […]

stress free renovation project
29 Aug, 2021

Stress free renovation project – 8 Top Tips

Whenever a homeowner decides to embark on a home expansion or renovation you can guarantee that timelines and budgets shift. It is hard to foresee exactly how the project will unfold. It can be a stressful and challenging time for you and the whole family especially if you live in the home property while renovations […]

home gardening safety
20 Aug, 2021

Create a perfect garden space. Increase the value of your home

If you have a garden and feel you need to create a perfect garden space then read on. We have prepared a blog that will help you the homeowner carve a special outdoor space. Your garden could become that special place to escape to to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature. We’ll help you to […]

money saving tricks
11 Aug, 2021

Money saving tricks every homeowner should know

As every new homeowner knows, owning your house is a fantastic feeling. Knowing that you have a great investment that you can keep for yourself and your family. That said, owning a house means that you will need to think about replacing things, refreshing things and just generally spending out money.   Money saving tricks for […]

increase the value of your home
2 Aug, 2021

Increase the value of a home before selling – Here’s how

Selling up and moving home can be a challenging and as well as a rewarding experience in life.  With careful planning and a few simple steps every homeowner can make the experience more rewarding, by increasing the value of their home before selling. Here are some top tips. How To Increase The Value Of Your […]

home design ideas
30 Jul, 2021

Home design ideas – Improve the look of your home

If you have lived in a property for a while you might want a new look to the place.  Here are some home design ideas that every homeowner could consider. The ideas offered in this blog are affordable, practical and could be attempted as small projects and will have have a positive and rejuvenating effect […]

protecting a home from intruders
20 Jul, 2021

The best tips for securing a home from intruders

If you are a homeowner or property owner then the chances are you are at risk from intruders. Every property will experience some risk from the threat of thieves or opportunist burglars. But how do you mitigate that risk? Here are some top tips on securing a home from intruders to help you. What are […]

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