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money saving tricks
11 Aug, 2021

Money saving tricks every homeowner should know

As every new homeowner knows, owning your house is a fantastic feeling. Knowing that you have a great investment that you can keep for yourself and your family. That said, owning a house means that you will need to think about replacing things, refreshing things and just generally spending out money.   Money saving tricks for […]

build a shed
19 Jan, 2021

Build a shed near your house – 6 Reasons why you should

If as a homeowner you own land on your property, there are many ways to add value. Most overlooked is the notion of adding an outdoor space like a shed. If you build a shed next to your house, be thoughtful about the placement and design and it can offer many benefits. It can add […]

10 Jul, 2020

7 signs of a bad real estate agent

Whether as a first time home owner or experienced property investor you’ll bump into property agents. Your experience with each transaction will either reinforce your confidence or your impression of stereo types of the real estate agent. Here are some warning signs of a bad real estate agent. 7 Signs of a Bad Real Estate […]

10 Jul, 2020

Home garbage disposal – Top maintenance tips

Any homeowner who appreciates the value of kitchen gadgets prizes the insertion of a home garbage disposal. Developing good daily routines and managing what goes into the disposal unit is key to ensure good maintenance of your unit for a long service life. Here are some top tips. Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips One can understand […]

asbestos exposure
16 Jun, 2020

Hidden home hazards – Asbestos exposure

Every new homeowner today thinks or indeed is prompted to consider the potential health of the building they are buying. This is often related to the age of the building and building materials used. However, if you have lived in your home for many years and never undergone professional renovation you may not have encountered […]

household DIY
12 Apr, 2020

Household DIY – for those annoying home fixes

Whether you are a homeowner or a housesitter household DIY jobs will occur, some more often than others. Here are some of the most common that occur in occupied homes, and how to deal with them. Surprisingly Easy Solutions to Annoying Household Troubles Certain damages incurred in your household may be inevitable, especially if you […]

roof maintenance
23 Feb, 2020

Roof Maintenance – Essential for a Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

As every homeowner knows keeping your roof well maintained and in good condition is essential to guard against bad weather, this makes roof maintenance an essential check list item before Winter sets in for every house owner. This is doubly true if you are going away on holiday or for long periods entrusting your property […]

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