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a yellow couch in front of a mountain
29 Apr, 2017

Cheap accommodation: a comparison of today’s options

Which type of cheap accommodation is best? In today’s online world there are lots of options when it comes to finding cheap accommodation. The internet has enabled all manner of search tools across the world, whether you are looking for an inexpensive hostel, a housesitting gig, or a free sofa somewhere fun. Nick Caley one […]

Bright Acer leaves coloured red and yellow
22 Mar, 2017

Housesitting gardens with Japanese Maples

Housesitting gardens with Japanese Maple Trees Housesitting gardens is a personal pleasure that is becoming important to me. I am a homeowner and a housesitter, and a self-confessed lover of Acers, or Japanese Maple trees. It goes without saying that I am passionate about colour in my own garden and have several Acers dotted around either […]

A grand piano in a classical apartment housesitting assignment
8 Mar, 2017

Housesit book review: ‘Care of Wooden Floors’ by Will Wiles

Housesit book review – ‘Care of Wooden Floors’ This housesit book review reveals how there has always been a mysterious and yet powerful link between reading and travelling and now housesitting.  They all three make for a great partnership especially on a housesit. It’s not just about filling the hours of a long journey or […]

Alex the housesitting student caring for two spaniels
25 Feb, 2017

Housesitting student – benefits from an ascetic life

Housesitting student enjoys the company of Spaniels Alex, a housesitting student, finds caring for two Spaniels in a quiet English village just the escape he needs from normal distractions of home life. He was trying to finish his dissertation, so a peaceful new location with simple pet care routines was exactly what he needed. Cliched […]

Marbella housesitting villa
26 Oct, 2016

Marbella Housesitting – the Solution

Whether living in your native country or abroad in a holiday destination like Marbella in Spain it goes without saying that as a pet owner you will worry about pet care when you want to travel. In a city like Marbella housesitting and finding good pet sitters can be more challenging for an expat because […]

Illustrated victorian picture of a handshake
16 Oct, 2016

Mrs Beeton – Tips for perfect housesitting!

Mrs Beeton – Can she teach us about house sitting? An ambitious legacy Written in 1861, Mrs Beeton ’s Book of Household Management has long been seen as a stalwart of advice for the occupation of housekeeping and homecare. Despite beginning to write the book when she was only 21, having no real experience, and […]

housesitting solution
1 Oct, 2016

David the Dogman debates – housesitting solution or kennels

The housesitting or pet-sitting solution becomes the right solution for some pet owners in the most unexpected ways. ‘David the Dogman‘ dog trainer with some 50 years experience shares his story of Boy Boy one of his favourite dogs.  He explains how he chose him, trained him and how when he was left at a […]

17 Sep, 2016

Housesit Match has been a perfect fit for us

One of our Housesit Match homeowners very kindly sent us a blog describing how she believes our housesitting platform has been a good fit or ‘match’ for her and her husband and their pets. So as a way to share her housesit story, and perhaps encourage other home and pet owners to step forward and […]