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your ideal property
20 Apr, 2021

Buying your ideal property – Top tips

Thinking about purchasing a new home? If this is the case, then you need to think about it in terms of suitability for your family. Consider the fundamentals of what would make this next move a choice for your ideal property. If you are becoming a homeowner for the first time then these tips will […]

London home
1 Apr, 2021

London home: Make the most of a move to the capital

If you live in the UK perhaps at one time or another you may have travelled to London. You may have visited for pleasure, to visit family or indeed for work. Living in London can be a rather diverse experience. Every borough of the capital has a unique personality, some feel positively villagey and others […]

household tips
25 Mar, 2021

Household tips – How to restore broken items at home

There is nothing more irritating as a homeowner than to find items at home broken and useless. It can also get expensive if you need to keep replacing some of your most heavily used items. Here are some top tips on how to restore some of the most popular household items when they break. Great […]

space at home
25 Mar, 2021

Maximise space at home – Here are 9 Top Tips

All over the world homeowners find managing home space a challenge. This constant battle becomes more of an issue with pets and family in the same space. Here is an article that offers nine top tips to help you maximise your space at home. Read on for some fabulous ideas. 9 Tips to maximize the […]

household items
24 Mar, 2021

4 Household items that are absolutely indispensible

Running a home takes a certain amount of organisation and a little experience to do it smoothly. A lesson most new homeowners learn when they start on that road is the items you need in the house. But just what are those household items that we all absolutely have to have in the home. Read […]

new home construction
20 Mar, 2021

New home construction vs home renovations

Whether you are considering home renovations or even a new home construction, both are an investment. You need to make the right decision for you and your property. Every homeowner dreams of making their living space exactly as they want it.  This big decision requires time to get it right. Read on to learn the […]

house construction safety
10 Mar, 2021

House construction safety – Primary essentials

If you are planning to build a home, please note with construction works on site at home you need to take precautions. Whether you have construction workers building for you or you are responsible for the build you are the homeowner. As property owner you are responsible. So read on and make note of these […]

moving house
28 Feb, 2021

Moving house? Here are some top tips to make it easy

Most of us have lived in different homes through the course of our lives. And we know that the process of moving house can be a challenge and actually rather stressful. The best way to move to a new home is to prepare yourself and your pets well ahead of time for the change of […]