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Pet-sitter playing with six small dogs
17 Jul, 2023

What is House Sitting: Everything You Need to Know

What is House Sitting? If you are vaguely interested in the concept of being a house sitter but know little about it, you might be asking yourself what is house sitting? House sitting is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two parties – most usually taking place between a homeowner and a house-sitter – enabling the […]

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19 Sep, 2022

House-Sitting Makes It Easier and Cheaper to Travel

In today’s economic climate travelling is not as cheap as it once was, particularly with the exorbitant costs of hotel accommodation. This is where International House Sitting and Travelling comes in as a very viable alternative for house-sitters with what amounts to free accommodation. Essentially house-sitting makes it easier to travel affordably. House-sitting makes it […]

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12 Apr, 2013

The Difference between house-sitting and house swapping

The house Swap Holiday, House Swap or House Sit? What’s the difference and what’s the best option for you? Find out in this month’s HouseSit Match blog. House-sitting and house swapping – what is the difference..? Whenever I talk about HouseSit Match, people seem to jump immediately to the conclusion that house swap holidays, house-sitting […]