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Housesit builds trust
6 Sep, 2019

HouseSit Builds Trust – by Lamia Walker

Recently, Lamia Walker our founder was asked to launch the first #HouseSitChat on Twitter on how Housesit Builds Trust. It was an interview about housesitting and petsitting for affordable travel, and the questions sent were focused on how HouseSitMatch builds trust in the housesitting industry. ‘X ‘ (formerly Twitter) Q&A which was a fun and rapid […]

housesitting trust
19 Feb, 2019

Housesitting trust and the kindness of strangers

What is housesitting trust and how does it vary from regular trust you have in other people? Making any kind of housesitting arrangement where you exchange services rather than money requires a degree of built-in trust. Homeowners inviting sitters into their home need to trust the housesitter. And the sitter requires a commitment to pay […]