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how to deal with the insurance company
25 Apr, 2021

A disaster? How to deal with the insurance company

Every homeowner and business owner dreads the unlikely but occasional disaster that destroys a building. Whether the cause was accidental or otherwise it can be devastating and traumatic. But understanding how to deal with the insurance company can make all the difference in the results. Read on to learn a step by step approach that […]

18 Feb, 2021

Remember holidays? Here’s what to do to get ready

Many of our members at Housesitmatch.com are telling us how much the pandemic has built up an anticipation for travel. Holidays near and far seem almost achievable now that vaccinations against Covid-19 are well underway across Europe and the rest of the world. Just to remind us all what we need to do in preparation […]

28 May, 2020

The essential life, health care home insurance policy

Whether you are a home or pet owner or a housesitter wanting to travel you will likely have taken out some insurance to cover your property and possessions.  Most consider life health care home insurance as the absolute minimum cover. If you own property you’ll have a home insurance policy.  If you rent out your […]