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young woman sitting in her smart kitchen holding a glass of orange juice
20 Mar, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Smart Kitchen Upgrades

It seems to be a growing trend for homeowners to upgrade various appliances to smart technology. A smart kitchen is particularly popular in contemporary homes. If you are trying to decide where to start, here’s what you can add to your kitchen to increase home value. The Ultimate Guide To Smart Kitchen Upgrades: Enhance Your […]

kitchen ceiling decorating
2 Aug, 2022

Top kitchen ceiling decorating ideas

If you are reviewing your home with an idea to redecorate consider which room can make the biggest impact. Every homeowner knows the best parties happen in the kitchen. And as it happens the kitchen is usually the busiest place in the day. So when you are refreshing your home consider these top kitchen ceiling […]

modern kitchen concepts with matching crisp looking white goods in metal finishes
19 Jul, 2022

Modern kitchen concepts – Achieve the look

Many homeowners who redecorate their kitchen look for modern kitchen concepts and styles. But how exactly do you achieve that look without hiring a designer? Read on to learn the simple steps you can take to achieve that contemporary and sleek look. Modern Kitchen Concepts The kitchen is the centre of the home, so it’s […]

kitchen design and extractors
23 Feb, 2022

Kitchen design and extractors: Electric chimney or Exhaust fan?

You may find that during the years in your present home you have dreamed of your ideal kitchen. Homeowners often dream of every single detail that matters to you from the size of an island, to the location of the kitchen window or indeed the type of oven and cooker you prefer. But have you considered […]