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planning on moving
19 Jul, 2021

Planning on moving? Points to check in a neighbourhood

Homeowners move from time to time, sometimes locally other times far away from anywhere they know. This is a challenge not only for the new homeowners but for their pets too.  And apart from the property they buy where details are vital, neighborhoods are equally important. Here are some reason why and ways to check […]

moving into a new house
1 Jun, 2021

Priorities after moving into a new home – The Top 4

Many homeowners will doubtless remember moving into their very first property. And as we get more experience moving into each new home, taking family and pets to new locations we learn more with every relocation. However, there are always priorities that need to be considered ahead of and after moving into a new home. Here […]

cat friendly
6 Jan, 2021

Moving house? How to choose a cat friendly home

If you have ever owned a cat and tried to move house you know that it can be a challenge. There are undoubtedly certain steps that can help you and the cat prepare. And as a cat owner have you ever thought of choosing your new property with care to ensure it is a cat […]