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white kitchen with blue accessories to add colour
14 May, 2024

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – Your Top Guide

When homeowners plan a home refurbishment often they start with planning for kitchen and bathroom renovations. Before you begin do your research and consider what look and style you want. Read on to learn our top kitchen and bathroom refurbishment guide. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 101: A Comprehensive Guide Photo by Sanibell BV Renovating your […]

family home renovation
11 Jan, 2022

Family home renovation – A thorough approach

Homeowners often make the mistake assuming that any renovation they undertake will be a success. In reality, there are many aspects to consider when undertaking a family home renovation. A thorough inspection is essential before you go ahead with any work on your home. Moreover, it’s necessary to keep in mind four of the most […]

large kitchen renovation
28 Sep, 2021

Renovating a home for the first time? Read this

If you have recently decided to begin renovating your home for the first time read this blog. Whether you are a first time homeowner or you are experienced property renovator it is always worth reviewing your approach and the likely events during the project. In this article we give you a high view of the […]