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installing solar panels
19 Nov, 2022

Installing solar panels – 4 Benefits

With the energy crisis become more worrisome by the day, installing solar panels is becoming a reality for most homeowners. If you are still undecided then look at these 4 benefits. Read on to learn more. 4 Benefits of installing solar panels Why installing solar panels is a great idea Owning a house, you want […]

tesla solar panels
23 Jul, 2022

Tesla solar panels – How they compare

Are you into renewable energy? Many homeowners are beginning to research and seek out alternative energy solutions. Some of the most popular options for alternative energy include solar panels. When you start looking into the specifics how does one brand compare with another. Have you heard of Tesla solar panels? Here’s what we think about […]

switching to solar
19 Jul, 2021

Switching to solar – The biggest benefits

Most homeowners think about monthly bills and future proofing their property. One of the considerations that will address both those points is the option for switching to solar. In this blog we offer a description of the biggest benefits of switching your home to solar. What is solar power? Solar energy is radiant light and […]

solar energy battery
31 May, 2021

Solar energy storage – Choose the right battery

If you are considering or about to buy a solar energy battery take a moment to research. As a homeowner making this investment consider carefully the size of your home, your energy use. You also need to consider daylight hours and the sunlight energy you’ll need to store over what period.  Solar energy storage is […]

solar power panels on the roof of a traditional home
18 Feb, 2021

Solar power – Convert your home to renewable energy

Many homeowners conscious of scarce resources and keen on renewable energy have switched to solar power.  Governments around the world are encouraging and sometimes incentivising the switch.  Not all homes are suitable for solar panels, or the weight of additional equipment needed to capture the sun’s energy. Here is a short guide on solar power […]