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28 Jul, 2021

Be a fair and responsible landlord – Here’s how

If you are a home owner or property owner, and want to become a landlord read this blog. It will help you keep happy renters and keep your property well run in a cost efficient way.  It will help you to become a fair and responsible landlord without losing out. How to be a fair […]

unoccupied rental properties
2 Dec, 2020

Keep your unoccupied rental property safe

Those who invest in properties for holiday or vacation rentals often start because there is a desire to invest. As a homeowner and an investment property owner you need to ensure you manage the properties carefully to minimise the risks. One of the main challenges is maintaining constant occupancy to keep your investment running and […]

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23 Sep, 2020

Expert Property Maintenance tips for Landlords

Once you have become a homeowner, owning property for the purpose of renting it out as an investment can be incredibly rewarding. Expert property maintenance becomes a daily study. This applies whether you are a landlord managing a rental property portfolio as your main source of income or a landlord who invests in property to […]