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maintain a roof
1 Aug, 2021

Using DIY to maintain a roof – Top Tips

DIY is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially among homeowners. People are more open to the idea of buying their own tools and materials to repair things in the home. And with information more readily available they’re more DIY-savvy. This means they’re more likely to do DIY to maintain a roof and to perform maintenance […]

home roofing options
8 Jul, 2021

Popular home roofing options to consider

Every homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of their property. This includes the exterior walls and roof maintenance. If you need to mend or replace your roof it is worth looking at all the home roofing options. They vary in size, durability and of course cost. Read on to learn which of the most popular […]

repairing your own roof
24 Jun, 2021

Repairing your own roof – Here’s some important advice

If you are a homeowner you will be conscious of all the costs of home maintenance. As a house owner you may be particularly mindful of large maintenance costs such as care for your roof and the structure of your home. You may even be tempted to save money by repairing your own roof. Think […]

small roof design
16 Mar, 2021

Small roof design – What you should know

If you have ever had to decide on a roof design for your home you will understand the challenge. And as a homeowner who knows little or not much about such designs learning about the intricacies of roof design for a small house can be even more concerning. Before you make a commitment to your […]

maintaining you roof
1 Mar, 2021

Maintaining your roof – Essential top tips

Every house owner dreads the crunch point when they have to reconstruct the roof. A new roof will likely cost 10s of thousands to rebuilt if serious damage is allowed to occur. It is far better to ensure you run checks so you are maintaining your roof over time, than to wait until you need […]

tile and roof maintenance
4 Jan, 2021

Tile and roof maintenance – Keeping rainwater out

Maintaining your house is a priority. Your house is an investment, as well as your home. Keeping your home in working order and the water out of your house makes it a secure investment. It also becomes a comfortable place to live. As any homeowner will attest it all starts with the roof. If you […]