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smart home
26 Mar, 2021

Want a smart home? 6 reasons why it’s a good idea

Living in today’s world many of us look at smart devices and the convenience of smart technology as a good thing. But have you ever considered converting your home completely into a smart home? While you are debating with yourself and perhaps those at home consider these 6 reasons. Every homeowner should think seriously about […]

setting up a smart home
16 Mar, 2021

Setting up a smart home – A beginners guide

Smart technology is growing all around us. It seems a natural progression today from clocks that adjust themselves, to mobile phones that can guide you with GPS to where you want to go with a vocal command. As a homeowner you may always have dreamt of setting up a smart home. Well now you can. […]

13 Feb, 2020

Modern Day Home Security for Peace of Mind Travelling

Maintaining security in your home is more important today than it has ever been. Modern day home security has so many advantages for the homeowner with the rapid evolution of tech, the Internet of Things and programmable security applications and locks for your home that you control in your home and remotely. Read this blog […]

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