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electric cars
20 Mar, 2023

Electric cars – The pros and cons

Many of our members on Housesit Match are green or conscious of sustainability. Hence their involvement with the sharing economy and reducing their carbon footprint in travel though housesitting. If you are buying a new car and considering your options read this article on the pros and cons of electric cars. We offer you a […]

17 May, 2022

House-Sitting and Sustainable Travel

If like us you love travel and experiencing new cultures and geographies read on to learn about sustainable travel. If like us you have missed travel during the recent pandemic because of global travel restrictions this may be a chance to refocus your travel ambitions. There are so many green travel options to consider today […]

Our Son Makai house-sitting and walking a bundle of dogs!
16 Jul, 2019

House-sitting Enables our Travel Lifestyle – Here’s how

There are increasing numbers of people and families who try house sitting to enable their travel lifestyle. Read on to learn about Rob, Tracey and Makai’s travel lifestyle as a family of housesitters. House-sitting enables a travel lifestyle for House-sitters who travel the world When we left home in April 2014 to travel we never […]

16 May, 2015

Community-based Tourism and House-sitting

Tourism Concern, our new partner, who share similar values to us regarding sustainable, green and ethical travel, explain the advantages of community-based tourism and the benefits, through many examples of their work. We hope you enjoy this article especially written for us by Polly Pattullo. [divider] Tourism is no longer a dirty word in Mae […]