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The sharing economy and housesitting
4 Jun, 2016

New sharing economy – housesitting – gift exchange

The new sharing economy takes many forms, housesitting, lift sharing and meal sharing are fast growing trends enabled by the internet offering an exchange of services or gift exchange based on trust. This global trend is of great interest to academics and practitioners alike as it demonstrates human adaptation. Here is one view on how […]

Looking up at a laden apricot tree with fruit fully ripened
25 Sep, 2015

Long Term Housesitting near Kiev – Part 2

House-sitter and independent traveler Edward accepts a Long term house-sitting near Kiev. The owner is selling her home and emigrating to Montenegro, she needed someone to live in the house until it is sold. This blog describes Edward’s arrival in the Ukraine, meeting his homeowner Tina. He continues his ‘sharing economy’ story by telling us how […]