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12 Apr, 2023

House Sitting Helped Me Retire in Portugal

When Kelly Hayes-Raitt, veteran housesitter, hung up her full-time house sitting hat, she decided to retire in Portugal. Here’s how house sitting helped her relocation. Want to retire in Portugal, then read on… How housesitting helped me retire in Portugal By Kelly Hayes-Raitt While house sitting helped me decide to retire in Portugal, it’s a […]

Caslte in Ireland
20 Jan, 2022

Housesitting in Ireland near Bono

At Housesit Match we love sharing our housesitters‘ stories and their pet sitting experiences. In this article about housesitting Ireland Jayden and Brittany tell us about their their travel adventures and why as house sitters Ireland is one of their favourite destinations. Read on to learn more. Housesitting Ireland An account of one of our […]

plans to travel
30 Sep, 2021

Plans to travel? Top tips to keep in mind

Whether you are a housesitter considering going further afield or an inveterate traveller lockdown has made us all dream. Travel is a great way to make memories. If your dreams have helped you make plans to travel then do some research before you set off. If you are considering how to plan a trip for […]

1 Dec, 2020

Skin care while travelling – Dos and Don’ts

As all long term travellers know personal care and maintenance can go out of the window as you go from one place to the next. With long term housesitters who love to travel this challenge can be exacerbated by the fact that you tend to carry your portable home with you. And if you are […]

travelling with a dog
30 Nov, 2020

Travelling with your dog – Places to stay in the UK

Travelling with your dog can be a great joy, but our furry friends are not always so welcome everywhere we go. As a pet owner and more especially a dog owner it is worth thinking about your destination choices to ensure you have the best chance of a great place to stay and visit. Of […]

family friendly dog breeds
9 May, 2020

Travelling with a dog? Read this blog

Homeowners with pets always tell us that they would much rather take their pets with them on holiday. Travelling with a dog can be easy, they are often quite portable in a car, and sometimes public transport. Other pets can be more difficult to transport and keep with you in a new environment. While most […]

Sunset over Bagan temples in Myanmar
14 May, 2016

Asia a ‘rich budget travel’ experience

Last year our first student intern Ellie said farewell to our office on completing her internship determined to experience budget travel, ideally to try house-sitting and to see more of the world. All our housesitting assignments and travelers’ tales had given her a taste for travel. Twelve months later she has sent us a blog […]