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sound isolation
5 Aug, 2021

Sound isolation – Managing workplace acoustics

Whether you are working from home or in an office, managing sound isolation can improve productivity. Over the pandemic many homeowners have found working from home a challenge, with the family and pets all living in the same space at the same time. Some people, however, chose to continue working from home but found they […]

home organising
4 Mar, 2021

9 Home Organising Ideas for Hard to Store Stuff

Keeping a home comfortable and tidy might seem hard in these days when many of us are working from home. Any homeowner will say that storage space can be at a premium at the best of times. During the pandemic with whole families living and working in the same space, it can seem overwhelming. Here […]

home office
11 Sep, 2020

How to Choose Elegant Furniture Style for Home Office

The convenience of a home office has become a must in recent months for most home owners. But choosing the right spot in the house, with the best furniture for you can be a challenge. Here are some ideas on how to choose elegant furniture for your home office. Making a home office? Some ideas […]