Taking a Portrait of a Dog – Top Tips

20 Aug, 2020

Taking a Portrait of a Dog – Top Tips

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Every pet owner who treasures their pet wants somehow to capture the look and idiosyncrasies of their personality.  A pet portrait is often the best way to capture all that you value and love about your pet, especially your dog. Dogs make good subjects for portraits, the art and presentation of the photo can draw out the best and most lovable of their features. But how do you take a portrait of a dog or pet? Here are some top tips…

How Do You Take A Portrait Of A Dog?

portrait of a dog
Capturing the moment is not easy when photographing pets

If you’re interested in capturing a great portrait of your dog, you’ll need to know how the process works. Pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular in the US, the UK and elsewhere in the world. More people than ever are choosing to decorate their homes with fun and colorful portraits of their pets. A pet portrait can help to commemorate your pet and liven up your home. Whether your pet has recently passed, or you’d just like to show your appreciation for them, pet portraits are an excellent idea. They also make great gifts to relatives or friends who own a pet.

Before you start your pet portrait order, you’ll first need to choose an artist that offers a pet portrait service. There are loads of great online sites that can create a digital pet portrait for you. All you need to provide for the artist is a good, clear photograph of your pet. Sites like I Love Paws will use this photo to create a brilliant poet portrait and send it out to you within a few business days. These portraits are vibrant and colorful and will really look great hanging on your wall or anywhere else in your home.

To get your pet portrait done, there are a few steps you need to follow. The process is fairly simple and can be done quite quickly. Just take these steps to have your dog’s portrait made:

Take a good photograph of your dog

Any portrait you order will require a photograph for the artist to reference. So you need to make sure you have a good photo. If you don’t have a recent photo that shows your dog in a clear light, make sure you take one. If you’re ordering a pet portrait as a gift for someone else, you might be able to find a photo on social media. Choose a photo with a good, clear shot of the dog, preferably without too much happening in the background. Make sure it uses natural lighting if possible, and avoid blurry photos. You want to take a photo that showcases the character of your dog, taking one while they’re playing or looking happy is a great way to get an excellent photo.

Some dogs are more cooperative than others

Decide which kind of portrait of a dog you’d like

There are so many different and unique styles and types of pet portrait you can order. First of all, you’ll need to decide between hand-painted or digital. Hand-painted is the more traditional method, but this can take longer and is often more expensive. Digital paintings use software to create vivid and lifelike portraits. These can look just as good as traditional paintings. Because a digital photo uses modern tools, it can be completed much faster and will often be of better value. You can also choose the kind of style or method for the portrait, which will each give a unique look. Different types of paint or brushstrokes give different effects, useful for making your dog’s portrait stand out.

Choose your portrait artist or service

Once you decide on the kind of portrait you want, you can choose the artist. Look through the previous work of the artist to see what kind of style they have. Be sure to choose an option that you think will suit the character of your pet and will look good displayed in your home. Remember to look at how long the portrait will take to complete before you order. Some portraits are finished in a matter of days, while others can take much longer. If you’re purchasing the portrait as a gift for someone, you’ll want to make sure it arrives on time. Check to see whether the artist you choose has any reviews online about their service. You want to pick someone who is professional and who’ll get your portrait completed on time and looking great.

Choose your custom portrait options

Modern online portrait sites give you loads of different options when choosing your painting. As well as choosing between digital and hand-painted, you can choose the size, colors, and style. Make sure you double-check the size so it won’t be too big or too small. Pick a nice color that will look good in your home, and don’t forget to look at what kind of colors suit your dog best. Some online pet portrait services will even let you choose to have your portrait printed on an item. These include mugs, clothing, bags, and even pillows. These make an excellent gift for someone who loves their pet and will help to add character to your home.


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