Tent sharing earns you income while you’re housesitting

10 Jun, 2020

Tent sharing earns you income while you’re housesitting

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New ideas are always surprising and delighting us in the Sharing Economy. And Tentshare a new platform is one such exciting idea, offering all who love camping the opportunity to share tents for a set agreed period and fee. Whether as a housesitter or a homeowner on HouseSitMatch if you have a tent or want to camp you can benefit from this brand new website.

Here’s more about Tentshare

sharing economy
Tentshare is all about what you can do with a tent

The Sharing Economy

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term ‘Sharing Economy‘ you have tripped across an exciting movement enabled by online technology. This is fast becoming the new normal way to buy and hire goods and services online in a peer to peer fashion, with payments made digitally and made safe through tech enabled processes.

Tenshare is a new entrant to this online world of commerce and enables revenue generation by leveraging assets that would otherwise sit idle when you are not using them. In this case if you own a tent you can rent it out. Or if you need a tent you simply logon and choose the one you want online paying an agreed fee and promising to return the tent in good condition on completion of your camping holiday. It’s a fabulous idea.

Housesitters – Your tent could be a cash earning asset

Have you ever considered that you have a potential income stream languishing in your garage or attic? Tentshare has and is offering you an easy way to transform your dusty, retired tent into a money-making resource. If you own a tent and it is standing idle whilst you are busy off doing other things, then Tentshare has the solution. Dig out your tent, brush it down, count the pegs, then take a photo of it. Next, pop it on the Tentshare online platform and start getting ready to make an income from it: www.tentshare.co.uk

Rebecca, founder of Tentshare, has been successfully renting her bell tent out for some time now and wanted to provide a space for fellow tent owners to rent their tent out.

“I currently have a list of people wanting to hire my bell-tent once restrictions are lifted. I wanted to share this successful venture with others. Last year, for example I rented the bell-tent to a parent for her 12 year old’s birthday sleepover. The girls had a brilliant time, it took sleepovers to the next level! We also set up the tent in a back garden for a lovely young couple who wanted romantic weekend without leaving home.”

Tentshare provides a centralised hub for customers to come and browse to find the perfect tent for their camping adventure. Once you have popped your tent on the website, anyone local to you can rent it and you can communicate directly with the customer.

Once a mutual agreement has been reached the booking can be made online and the deposit is paid. The whole transaction is completely in your hands, you decide when the tent’s available, whether or not to include a delivery and collection service and what the price should be. Tentshare also offers a deposit scheme, holding
the deposit and only releasing it once the tent has been returned in good condition.

Camping without the hullaballoo

Shared values in the Sharing Economy

The Tentshare Mission

Tentshare’s mission is to contribute to a new sustainable way of living without compromise. Rebecca passionately believes that three factors promote well-being which are: connecting with nature, being part of a community and living wholeheartedly.  For that reason, the Tentshare website is creating a sharing, caring camping community.

By sharing and hiring tents instead buying new, we are helping to reduce consumption and waste. Moreover, we are also contributing to the local and circular economy. Rebecca strongly believes that the ‘sharing economy’ business model goes some way to providing a solution to many of the problems we are all facing in this world today.

Therefore we have a Tentshare Pledge in which Tentshare urges every member to read and agree to:

Becka Heaps – Founder and CEO

The Tentshare Pledge

Trustworthiness: A Tentshare member is honest, reliable and has integrity.

Equality: A Tentshare member treats everyone within the Tentshare community with fairness and according to their specific needs.

Nature: A Tentshare member treads softly on this earth. They respect the environment and make it their responsibility to look after the world we live in.

Tolerance & tranquility: A Tentshare member is polite and considerate when interacting within the community. They are willing to share any challenges with peace in their heart.

What is there not to love about Tentshare, they are committed to building a sharing, caring camping community. It’s a win-win. The person who owns the tent gets an income, the person who hires the tent gets what they want for a reasonable cost. The whole transaction reduces consumption and waste because they haven’t bought new.


Rebecca Heaps



Instagram: @tent_share
Twitter: @Tentshare1
Facebook: @tentshare.co.uk

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