The advantages of buying an air purifier for home

8 Jul, 2021

The advantages of buying an air purifier for home

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Today many of us are extremely conscious of the air we breathe, whether we are out and about or at home. The Covid pandemic has made us all aware and sensitive to exposure to air borne disease and poor quality of air. As homeowners we have been controlling who comes in to our homes, who touches our things and even who breathes the air in our home. This was all done for fear of infection. We have never been so conscious of the quality of air we breathe. An air purifier can help us to improve the quality of air we have in our homes.  So it is worth considering buying an air purifier for home.

Why you should consider buying an air purifier for home

buying an air purifier
Today air purifiers are small, discrete and affordable

Lee Iacocca once asked a famous thought-provoking question. He said, we’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: how much clean air do we need?

To answer this question we know that we need as much clean air as we can get. For us as humans, clean air is essential for our healthy survival.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year, air pollution causes approximately seven million deaths globally. The fatality rate as a result of the spread of the deadly Corona virus was tragic. We know that air pollution increases the risk of respiratory system diseases. In addition we also know that Covid 19 is mainly a disease of the respiratory system.

As a result therefore, those exposed to bad air are more prone to contact the virus. It is therefore of the utmost importance to safeguard your health by ensuring you breathe the cleanest air possible. Getting a Covid air purifier can help you to achieve that.

Why an air purifier

  • An article sourced in USA TODAY, quotes experts recommending the use an air purifier. It is one way to keep your home safe especially if your home has poor ventilation.
  • Air purifiers refresh stale air thereby increasing the quality of air a house breathes
  • It accounts for a healthy lifestyle. Reducing the likelihood of health issues caused by indoor pollutants is possible.
  • It leads to a noticeable improvement in one’s sleep pattern.
  • With a quality air purifier, an increased life expectancy is certain.
  • It helps in eliminating toxic chemicals from an indoor space.
  • With an efficient air purifier, the chances of having breathing difficulties is slim.
  • It neutralizes bad or unpleasant odors.
  • An air purifier reduces the chances of contracting airborne diseases such as common cold and flu.
  • They enhance work productivity.

Are air purifiers helpful in preventing Covid 19 infection?

50 million people were reportedly exposed to Covid virus. Moreover, over 1.5 million people died from associated respiratory complications. Although air purifiers cannot cure the  Covid virus, an air purifier can help to limit its spread.

Air Purifiers and engineered filtration pressure differentials can be helpful in a case where an infected person exhales and produces small respiratory droplets, an air purifier with an outflow kit helps in directing airborne contaminants out of a space.

Doubtless, the first line of defence against the virus is social distancing. In addition, the wearing of masks and maintaining good hygiene is also essential. Getting air purifiers that have been subjected to tests and certified to filter ultrafine particles (UFPs) is secondary but can help.

buying an air purifier
Plants may help to filter the air, but air purifiers perform better

What should I consider before buying an air purifier?

  • It is recommended you buy Covid air purifier. Investing in high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air purifiers is necessary. They are very effective as they could filter out many harmful pollutants.
  • Use advanced gas- phase filtration.
  • You can have both a personal air purifier and a whole-house air purifier.
  • Your air purifier should be compatible with your room size.
  • Make enquiries on the best air purifier available in your locality.
  • Buy Covid air purifier from a reliable brand like ours.

A final word on buying an air purifier

Whether you have respiratory issues or not, an air purifier can help improve the quality of air at home.  Buying an air purifier for home will ensure you can optimise the air you breathe while you are at home, and it can help protect you from other air borne risks. Consider buying one for your home, it can help to optimise your quality of life.



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