The Goldendoodle dog – 6 Benefits of this dog breed

7 Jun, 2021

The Goldendoodle dog – 6 Benefits of this dog breed

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If you are a pet owner and you are considering a new breed of dog, think about the Goldendoodle. There are many advantages to this particular new breed. In this article we have tried to highlight the main 6 benefits of the breed and how you need to care for them with dog sitters when you are away from home.

6 Benefits of Having A Goldendoodle Every Dog Lover and Dog Sitter Should Know


It would be amazing to have a dog that is the cutest guiding dog and doesn’t shed a lot. If you are looking for such a dog, then your search might end at a Goldendoodle.

This is a mixed breed, a combination between a golden retriever, one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., and a standard poodle, a breed popular among people with allergies because of their low shedding.

Why choose a Goldendoodle ?

So, what makes a Goldendoodle a better choice of a pet than any other breed of a doodle dog? The reason is, a Goldendoodle inherits all the good traits from its parent breeds, a golden retriever and a standard poodle. This post will talk about these Goldendoodles, which might be the most popular pets among the doodle dogs.

  1. Easier to Train

Goldendoodles are easy to train. Thanks to their inherited traits from the golden retrievers, known for their easier and faster training. As Goldendoodles are easier to train, they make a perfect choice as a guide dog, safety dog, and great companion for people with disabilities.

It’s also notable that the breeders can vary the degree of ease of training by increasing the percentage of golden retriever traits while cross-breeding them with poodles.

  1. Lesser Allergic Response to Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles have hypoallergenic coat type as their parent breed of a standard poodle. Many golden poodles have a very low shedding or almost no shedding. They also have less dander than any other breed of dogs, making them perfect companions for people with allergies.

labradoodle laying on a sofa
Because these dogs don’t shed they keep homes a little cleaner and are safer for allergy sufferers
  1. Variations in the coat

You have a wide range of coats to choose from when it comes to Goldendoodles. The popular coat choice is a waxy coat. It is a mixture of a golden retriever’s straight coat and a poodle’s curls. You can also decide the curliness or straightness of hair by varying the two breeds’ percentages. All of them have the same hypoallergenic coat and low shedding benefits.

There are also multiple color choices with this breed because of the coat variation found in standard poodles. Gold, cream, red, black, grey, back, and brown are some of the coat colors found in the Goldendoodles.

  1. Variable sizes

One more fantastic benefit of having a Goldendoodle is that they have variable sizes from large to small. Miniature Goldendoodles are petite in size and are perfect for apartment living. There are also medium and large-sized dogs who will fill your home with happy energy. All of them are friendly and good with children because of their social nature.

  1. Low Maintenance

Thanks to the minimal shedding, this breed is very low maintenance. They need only occasional bathing and lesser fur trimming as compared to other dog breeds. Goldendoodles are healthier and have a longer lifespan than their parent breeds (standard poodle and golden retriever), as observed in many studies.

dogsitter with a labradoodle
Golden doodles have a very friendly personality and generally get on well with their dog sitters

A final word on the Goldendoodle dog breed

Getting a dog is a long time commitment. It’s essential to understand any dog breed because it not only enters your home but into your life too. And that is why Goldendoodle is the perfect breed of doodle dog to be a companion for your home.

When you have dogs and you travel you need a dog sitter!

Many people love to have a pet dog at home, and then they need dog sitters. What is a live in dog sitter? A live in dogsitter is one who stays in your home to care for your pet in its’ own home where it can relax avoiding any changes in routine or location.

Dog housesitting

Staying home where all is familiar to the dog is the huge advantage of the live in dogsitter.

The fact that the petsitter will be looking after your dog means the dog can stay at home, in familiar surroundings. This will be less stressful for the dog. Some dogs can have separation anxiety when you leave home, or when they have to leave home for an extended period.

Staying in their own space, with their own bed and toys means many things stay the same in their life even if you are absent. this makes a live in dogsitter a great alternative to dog kennels.

Free dog sitter

A live in dogsitter is also a housesitter – Yay!

And here’s the piece de resistance. The live in dogsitter will also be able to help you keep your home running smoothly while you are away.


So with a live in dogsitter, also a housesitter, they can mow the lawn, clean the house, collect the mail and any parcels. Most importantly they will keep the home looking occupied and secure. And most importantly they will be in house entertainment and a resident friend for your dog.

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