The Main Home Roof Styles Explained

10 Mar, 2021

The Main Home Roof Styles Explained

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As a house owner any where in the world you may never have to deal with your roof. It may simply function perfectly for the whole period of your ownership. However, if as a homeowner you are facing repairs, or a new roof for any other reason consider all the home roof styles available. Here is a list of the main roof types explained for easy understanding.

All Home Roof Styles Explained

home roof styles
Some properties combine a number of home roof styles

If you are looking to build a new house or buy one, you may want to learn about all the home roof styles that are used. Next to deciding what roof shingles to use this is the most important decision.

What do you have to think about with a roof ?

You also need to find reliable roofing contractors. Although previously you may not have given too much thought to roofs, they impact on how the house functions and its value.

You may end up going with a roof that is energy-efficient, one that serves to give you extra storage, or one that offers you additional living space in the attic.  You can also install solar panels making them eco-friendly.

Knowing what options are out there, which designs you like what top roofing materials you could choose may help make your decision easier. Here is an overview of the most popular roof types:

Gabled Roof

Although you may not know its name, you have definitely seen this roof.  The gabled roof is one of the main home roof styles with a distinctive pitched triangular roof that covers many suburban homes. Since its shape is not complex, these roofs can be fairly inexpensive to build and can be covered with shingles, concrete, or clay tiles, among others.

But what kind of gabled roof?

There are several types of gabled roofs, such as a front gable roof, Dutch gable roof, or cross gable roof, depending on the position and pitch of the gables.

home roof styles
Gabled rooves are very popular

Hip Roof

Similar to gabled roofs, these roofs are also sloped but in this case, the slopes have four sides that join at the top to make a ridge. Gabled roofs only have two sides. These roofs are quite stable and are recommended for areas that get lots of snow and ice.

Mansard or French Roof

These Mansard roof alternatively known as a French roof is recognizable by their four double sloped sides that meet to form a low-pitched roof in the middle. These roofs can have several silhouettes such as straight angle, concave, or convex. They are among the most popular home roof styles because homeowners gain extra living space. They are also valued because of the flexibility.

The Mansard or French roof is definitely one of the most popular main roof styles. It offers enormous flexibility when it comes to building on future extensions.

Saltbox Roof

Complementing Cape Cod or Colonial-style homes, saltbox roofs have a characteristic asymmetrical design. Generally, these roofs have one side that is more of a lean-to while the other side has a slight slope. The top of the roof is flat. Saltbox roofs add value since they increase living or storage space, while the sloped roofline allows for easy water runoff.

home roof styles
A crisp modern flat roof gives a strong architectural look

Flat Roof

With little or no slope the flat roof may offer the slightest of pitches that serves to allow water to run off. A flat roof is quite popular and is definitely considered one of the main home roof styles. They can be made from many types of roof materials such as PVC roofing or EPDM rubber, tar and gravel, metal sheets, or roll roofing.

Flat roofs can offer extra outdoor living space since you can install a roof terrace on them. You can also install solar panels making them eco-friendly.

Green Roof

Gaining in popularity, green home roof styles allow homeowners to grow a garden on them. Besides being favorable to the environment, green roofs also help add an extra layer of insulation to the home. However, a green roof requires constant attention to avoid leaks. Such a leak could end up causing damage to the structure of the home.

home roof styles
A green roof can be productive but equally needs checking and management

Choosing from the Main Home Roof Styles for Your Home

Whether you have the option of choosing which of the home roof styles you like or you are buying a house already intact, click here to learn more.

And if you are still looking at roof repairs before deciding on a whole new roof then consider which roof repairs to prioritise, it might impact your budget and of course the integrity of your home.

Final thoughts on home roof styles

Make sure as a responsible homeowner you give your roof the proper maintenance.  Regular checks will help it last for decades giving you and your family the protection you need. Make sure your gutters are clean and inspect your roof regularly to prevent issues from appearing.



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