The perfect bedroom for sleeping

9 May, 2022

The perfect bedroom for sleeping

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After a hard day at work, we all long for a restful, a relaxing atmosphere and the perfect bedroom for sleep. There are four things that most homeowners say they want in their perfect bedroom. Here are our top tips to help you design that perfect bedroom space.

4 Things that make a perfect bedroom sleep

perfect bedroom
We all have our idea of the perfect bedroom

Whether you have decided that it is time to give your bedroom a do-over or have recently moved into a new house and want to get started on making the bedroom perfect for you, there are lots of different things to consider when it comes to making sure that your bedroom is perfect for sleep.

Ideally, we should spend between seven and nine hours in our bedrooms sleeping at night, and lots of us also use the bedroom to wind down and de-stress before sleeping whether you like reading, listening to music, or talking to your spouse about your day before bed.

To create the perfect bedroom for getting an amazing night’s sleep, here are some of the main things you will need.

Supportive mattress

Getting a supportive mattress is probably one of the most important things for your bedroom. The best results of a perfect bedroom is a good night’s sleep.

The truth is that no matter how nicely decorated your bedroom is or how amazing it looks, you are not going to get a good night of sleep if your mattress isn’t comfortable and doesn’t offer the right level of support.  There are several things to consider before choosing a new mattress.

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or front will help you determine the right firmness. It’s also important to consider the size of your room or a bedframe that you have to ensure that the mattress fits perfectly.  Most mattresses are available in standard sizes such as queen or king bed dimensions.


At night, our bodies produce more melatonin. This sleep hormone begins the process of winding down and falling asleep. The darker your room, the more melatonin you will release, which will help you get to sleep faster and enjoy a more restful sleep.

If you have light that is sneaking in through the windows, you might not find it as easy to get to sleep. It’s important to make sure that you are easily able to control the light in your bedroom. Blackout curtains are the best way to do this, since they will block all light from the window even if you have streetlights outside.

Calming colors can make the perfect bedroom

wallpaper for house wall
Calm colours can help a relaxing atmosphere

If you are going to paint or redecorate your bedroom, then there are lots of colors available. However, to design a bedroom more ideal for sleeping, it’s important to consider which colors are going to help you feel calm rather than energized.

Even if you love bright colors, they might not be the best option for a bedroom since bright walls are only going to give you more energy. Calming, soft colors are an ideal choice for bedrooms. Pastel pink or blue, sage green, or even a creamy off-white can work well and give a relaxing ambience in the perfect bedroom.

On the other end of the spectrum, dark colors can also be quite calming in the bedroom, and work very well in large spaces with high ceilings. For more wallpaper tips for your interior, contact Vancouver, British Columbia interior designers.

smart bedroom with muted colours
Colour can help to create a sense of privacy and intimacy in your perfect bedroom

Dimmable lights

Finally, put some thought into the lighting you choose for your perfect bedroom. The main light might be fine for when you’re getting ready in your room in the morning, but you probably don’t want that on when you’re reading before bed at night.

Dimmable lights are a great idea since you can control them to fit your needs at the time. Consider a light that you can control remotely so you don’t have to get up out of bed to adjust it. Bedside lights provide excellent soft lighting for when you’re winding down and relaxing before going to sleep.

Final thoughts on making the perfect bedroom

Whether you want a new look for your bedroom or have noticed that your current bedroom isn’t always a great place to sleep, keep these essentials in mind to create a bedroom that is perfect for making every night relaxing and restful.

Will you need house sitters for peace of mind?

Sleeping well in your own bed is a necessity as is having peace of mind about your home and pets while you are away from home.

Why and when might I need a house sitter?

Many opportunities present themselves with house sitting for both the house sitter and the house owner. Whether you’re a local or visiting a neighbouring city, many people find it a great way to save on rent, even if you’re staying at home. Moreover, it allows people to experience life in different cities and countries.

As a homeowner and pet owner there might be many occasions when you tell yourself ‘ I need a house sitter ‘. Having someone come into your home and care for your beloved pet can be very rewarding for a house sitter, but what benefits does it offer for the owner?

I need a house sitter
Keeping your home occupied is a great way to deter opportunist thieves

Find a housesitter

Well ahead of your next holiday you should consider why might I need a house sitter? And then think about how you will find a housesitter.

What are the responsibilities of a housesitter?

Within the protocols of there are several responsibilities of a housesitter. These responsibilities or duties will span a wide range of requests. They can include managing security in the property, so like a property guardian to pet care and tomato sitting! However, each housesitting arrangement will be unique to each homeowner and house sitter.

Home sitters for property security

It is the responsibility of a house sitter, or home sitter as they are sometimes called, to provide care for the property. As a constant presence in the home the sitters will be keeping the home secure in the owner’s absence. Sometimes the property is at risk if it stands empty for a long period. Most insurance companies will not uphold the home insurance guarantees if the property stands empty for longer than 5 weeks.

Housesitters for property management

Therefore house sitter or home sitters play a valuable role in keeping the property occupied. Maintaining and overseeing all the functions and facilities of the home is an essential responsibility.  They can also help you get organised at home while you are away.

Only by having a human to manage the property can you make sure that all functions remain in good working order. Should anything go wrong, or if extreme weather causes damage then with sitters on site there will be people to manage the situation and report issues to the owners.

what is a house sitter
Pet sitting is usually expected of a housesitter

Pet sitters at home

It is more likely you will say ‘I need a house sitter’ if you have pets.

Pets and house sitters

A housesitting assignment often required pet care. Most housesitting websites like Housesit display housesits as house sitting and pet sitting assignments. A housesitting website is where many people go to find a house sitter online  The adverts published on the website usually ask for live in house and pet sitters to care for property and pets.

Pet sitting is a usually one of the responsibilities if pets already live in the home. The usual routines associated with pet minding include feeding and exercise of the pets. In addition you will be responsible for overseeing their well being to make sure they stay in good health.

Sometimes pets must be given medication. If this is the case then the pet owner will document this and share the details with you.

Why Housesit Match?

Housesit Match is an online network that can help you meet checked pet lovers who will housesit and petsit for you in your absence helping you to manage your property and pets. At Housesit Match we offer a supported professional service where you can find online help if you need it. Check out our TrustPilot reviews.


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