The Ultimate Guide for New Cat Owners

22 Dec, 2020

The Ultimate Guide for New Cat Owners

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As a pet owner you know how besotted you can become with your pet. Some people say that new cat owners are more obsessive than any other kind of pet owner. Here is the ultimate guide to help you get started as a new cat owner.

New cat owners – The ultimate guide

new cat owner
New cat owners can become besotted with their pets

Getting yourself a cat is a wonderful decision, as pets are always a great addition to the family! But, you need to remember that a cat is not a toy – it’s a living being and you need to consider all the additional things that go with it. From different types of cats and ways to feed them to hair grooming, a lot of things go into having a cat and giving them a happy loving home! So before you jump into pet ownership, here’s an ultimate guide for new cat owners!

Different breeds

There isn’t just one type of cat, sure many do look similar but at the end of the day, they are not the same. There are actually many different cat breeds that differ extremely from one another. Some have short fur and they shed a lot, some have long, fluffy fur and don’t shed at all, and some cats don’t even have fur in the first place! 

If you are a fan of non-hair or short fur cats, a bambino cat is perfect for you.  It all comes down to your preference, especially if you are allergic, you can actually get away with owning a cat, for example, Siberian cats are hypoallergenic due to not having a lot of anime in their saliva – and that causes allergies!

But if the breed doesn’t matter to you, try adopting a stray cat at a shelter, they are just as lovely and worthy of a home, as any other cat!

New cat owners worry about how to feed their cat

You might wonder as a new cat owner, is there a wrong way to feed the cat? Obviously, the same goes for humans. Not all people eat every kind of food. So you shouldn’t feed your cat simply with whatever you have in your fridge. Some like cooked food. Some like standard cat food and some need special food, it all depends on the cat itself. Also, if you have a hectic work schedule, don’t worry as there are options like an automatic cat feeder for wet food that can replace you and feed the cat when you aren’t there. There are options to own a cat and still continue your day-to-day activities while still giving her a happy, healthy home!


Another thing you need to consider is that some breeds just need more care and grooming than others – but the bottom line is every cat needs to be taken care of properly! Some cats have extremely long hair that can get a bit crazy, especially in shedding season, so you need to groom them properly and brush their hair out unless you want to have cat hairs everywhere! Also, it’s important to note that not all cats want to take baths, so even if you do decide to give them full on baths, be gentle and have patience – no cat will deliberately jump in the water! 

Regular vet-check-ups

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility. As a new cat owner you need to remember, it’s like having a child! Just like you would do with yourself, or with your child, you must take your cat to get checked up regularly. Some breeds are more prone to certain diseases and health issues, so you might want to keep that in mind depending on the type of cat you get. But even small issues can become large and dangerous if left untreated, so you must take this seriously. Your cat deserves a happy, healthy life, and the only way to give it to her is by taking good care of her! Make sure you pay attention to mood swings and any red flag that your cat might be displaying, this might be an indicator that something isn’t right – so act fast! 

Some felines need more grooming than others, especially long haired cats

Having a cat-friendly apartment

A question you need to answer honestly is whether your home is cat-friendly or not! This is extremely important, as you want to give your furry friend a safe place to live! Do you have dogs that are not going to appreciate having another pet in the home, especially a feline one? And another thing you need to consider is that cats get bored! So you might want to get them the proper gear, so they can live comfortably. Every cat needs to feel safe and loved in their home, so make sure you give them everything they need, and more! 

Owning a pet is a wonderful thing, it’s like having a life companion that gives you unconditional love. However, remember as a new cat owner that in order for it to work this relationship must be reciprocal. Cats are smart, independent, and sharp creatures. Yet that does not mean they don’t any care at all. Look after them like you would look after your own child! They deserve the world, so give it to them!



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