The ultimate guide to moving house

23 Jul, 2022

The ultimate guide to moving house

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If you are a, experienced homeowner you’ll know that moving house can be stressful. There are ways you might know of how to reduce that stress and stay in control throughout. Read on to learn our ultimate guide to moving house and reducing stress for all involved.

The ultimate guide to moving house

guide to moving house
Prepare as many packing boxes as possible ahead of the move

One of the most difficult and stressful moments in life is when you are moving house. There is so much to do and so many potential disaster points that it is crucial to be as prepared. Prepare for this event as well as you possibly can.

You should also plan ahead to ensure that things move as smoothly as possible. Make sure you are prepared. Because sometimes they sell so quickly that you don’t even have time to say goodbye to neighbours before you leave! There are a few things you can do to speed up the process of selling your house. Take things slowly and don’t try to do too much at once because this is a big adjustment in your life that could make you feel tense and anxious. 

Things to prepare before you move

Decluttering interiors

Decluttering your home is a terrific first step because it will save you from having to transfer all of your useless possessions. This is one of the first things you should do and a top tip in our guide to moving house. You can limit the stuff you bring to the new home to those you wish to keep by going through the clothes, books, decorations, and other objects you have laying about and giving what you don’t want to charity or friends. Additionally, it will make your home look better and appeal to potential buyers more. It can be challenging for buyers to see themselves living in a cluttered and disorganised home. By giving children greater room to express their creativity, you might inspire them to fall in love with your house. 

Searching for your ideal home

After decluttering, you should think about working with a realtor to help you find your ideal new house for the following phase of your life. They are the experts who can find a house that satisfies all or almost all of your requirements. As a result, things will move more smoothly once you’ve located a home you want to buy and someone wants to buy yours. Then there won’t be any huge delays or waiting for the chain, and ideally, there won’t be a time between moving out of your old house and moving into your new one. 

Save some money in preparation

A key step in preparing to sell your home and purchase a new one is making sure you have a little nest egg or some cash on hand to meet expenses. Unexpected costs can occur when moving, so it’s always a good idea to be ready. Realtor commissions, taxes, closing costs, legal expenses, and utility costs are a few examples. You can discover that you still owe money after moving and closing your utility bills. Make sure you have some money saved up if you don’t want to be stranded. 

Deep clean your home before buyers come looking

germ free home
Stock up on all your key cleaning materials

Make sure to perform a quick spring cleaning before inviting prospective buyers around, clear out any clutter, and freshen up the atmosphere. It’s usually a good idea to place fresh flowers in prominent locations. Another common practice among home sellers is to bake cookies just before guests arrive; the aroma of freshly baked cookies will uplift everyone’s spirits and create a cosy atmosphere. You’ll also give the buyers something delectable to munch on as they look around the house. 

Start your search early to find the best opportunities

People may want to relocate for a variety of reasons. To be nearer to family, move to a different school district, buy a bigger home to accommodate a growing family, or just enjoy a change of scenery. However, starting your search early will provide you with a benefit because selling your property could be a drawn-out procedure. It will help you decide what features you want and don’t want in a home. To see whether anything surfaces that match all of your requirements, you can also look at particular areas and reach out to your local estate agents.

Prepare children for the move ahead of time

For children, especially the smaller ones, change can be difficult. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get them thinking about moving as soon as you decide to do so. Allowing kids to view properties and choose the style of bedroom they want will involve them in the decision-making process. If you are moving further away, it will help kids get used to the idea that they might no longer see their school friends. As a result, you might take them to the new location so they can have a feel for it and feel more at peace with the shift they will be making.

Starting the process

The actual work will start once you are on your way and have a moving date. It can take a lot of time and energy to pack up an entire house. You might reach a point where all you want to do is stuff everything into garbage bags and chuck them down the drain. Unfortunately, that is not the answer. As you don’t want to underestimate how long it will take to pack up, well, everything you own, it is better to start packing well in advance.

Packing up home

When you get to the items you use frequently, like towels, bowls, and dishes, pack everything up except for one of each and just make sure they are washed and ready to use again. Getting a head start by packing in advance. Start by packing up rooms you don’t use as much will help. Once you’ve packed the majority of your belongings, start preparing for the big day. 

Boxes and cases for packing

Make sure you have enough boxes for your belongings when you pack. If you know someone who works in factories or warehouses, ask them if they have any extra boxes they may lend you. Making sure you have the proper packing supplies is important. It will ensure that your expensive and breakable items are safeguarded during your move. Moving home can be a potentially rough journey for your things until they reach their new location. You don’t want to move into your new home and discover that all of your dinnerware has broken en route. 

Label your boxes

Coloured marks might make relocating the boxes a lot simpler. If you purchase coloured markers for packing and designate one colour for each room, moving the boxes into the new home will be much simpler. This is true especially if you decide to hire local moving companies. The reason being they will be able to move things quickly and efficiently to the right part of your new home. They can do this without having to check and ask which boxes you want where. Sometimes movers leave things in a big pile. When this happens it leaves you with a lot more work when unpacking and figuring out where everything goes.

Plan your admin work well ahead of the moving day

Saving time on the administrative side of things also helps things go smoothly. It means that your move, you wont have to sift through mountains of paperwork for key information. Therefore, notify everyone of the change of address before you move. And when you have a firm date inform them all again; include your employer, banks, insurance providers, and anyone who sends you mail. Additionally, get in touch with the utility providers to cancel the account on the old property and start on the new one on the right day. This will prevent any overlap and your needing to request refunds for monies unjustly charged.

Take children to visit the new home

If you live with children, you’ll want to move with them in a stress-free manner. If your children are at the age when they dislike change, make sure they visit the new house. Give them plenty of notice before you move.

If they also have to change schools as a result of the transfer, it can increase their anxiety and sense of uncertainty. One of the finest things you can do is to give them some time to consider and embrace the change.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep them out of the way on moving days to prevent accidents and additional stress. To do this, ask a relative or friend to watch them for the day. Then prepare their new home so that they may move in and begin decorating their new room as they choose.

planning on moving
Make sue you have checked out the neighborhood before moving day

Moving day

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for moving day packed before the big day. This is a critical tip in our guide to moving house. This will include everything you and your family need to go through the day (and the first night) without incident. Check and prepare toiletries, phone chargers, water bottles, snacks, and supplies for hot drinks.

Your stress levels can drastically decrease if you can plan a small window of time between receiving the keys to your new house and moving out of your old one. That is why it is recommended to hire moving companies such as Suddath movers in Jacksonville, FL to help you move hassle free. Arriving a little earlier allows you to thoroughly inspect and clean your new home before moving in.

Cleaning on arrival

Before moving day, make sure you keep your cleaning products apart to avoid having them packed away. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises on moving day if the house is completely cleaned before the arrival of all of your boxes and furnishings. Additionally, it permits you to compile a list of issues as you evaluate the property.

Final tips for our guide to moving house

One of the very best tips in this ultimate guide to moving house is move things in early. If at all possible, you could arrange for any deliveries to be made ahead of time. Ask for access a few days prior to your move into your new home. Take advantage of the free time and schedule any measurements you need, whether it’s for blinds, flooring, or anything else if you’re getting new white goods.


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