The Well-stocked Kitchen – Top 5 Essentials

3 Mar, 2021

The Well-stocked Kitchen – Top 5 Essentials

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Every new homeowner dreams of a well fitted and well-stocked kitchen. But if this is the first kitchen you have furnished and stocked you may find this list of kitchen essentials handy. Read on and take note.

5 Must-Have essentials for a well-stocked kitchen

well-stocked kitchen
Ensure your kitchen has the 5 essential basics

A kitchen is that place in the house where lots of energy is invested for daily cooking and cleaning. Most of the time we are handling food and drink and other consumables, it is essential to manage the cleanliness of your utensils and preparation surfaces. You need to manage spillages and dirt food patches.

It is pretty hard to stay on top of cleaning pots, pans, plates and mugs. That’s why having a daily routine and a supply of cleaning supplies in your store cupboards makes a good plan whether you are moving in or moving out of your home.

well-stocked kitchen
Keep a well-stocked kitchen to enjoy healthy home made meals

To ensure you keep a clean and healthy kitchen, check out our list of 5 essential cleaning items you should keep to hand.

The 5 essentials for a well-stocked kitchen

Below are the top five cleaning accessories that would help in saving your time and effort when it comes to maintaining your kitchen’s fresh vibe.

Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablet

Yes, you heard it right. They are tablets and the most effective thing you’ll ever find at any store. Bottle bright cleaning tablet is biodegradable, and, free from chlorine. Over and above, it’s a natural product that is proven and tested by all customers who purchased it.

It is the easiest thing to use for your kettles, coffee maker, and all your stainless steel kitchenware that have been badly stained. The package comprises twelve effervescent tablets and it only takes one tablet to remove limescale from kettle or a stainless steel mug.

No scrubbing is required. Immerse one tablet in the kitchen item that you want to clean and add warm water. The rest would be history.

You got to love this limescale remover during cleaning days. It’s an absolute life-saver to get rid of that annoying stink and brown stains.

Mould and Mildew Cleaner

There are various ways to remove pesky moulds or algae. If you have had enough of the rotary tools some people use as a drastic measure then try a bottled mould and mildew cleaner spray.  As your kitchen is a wet room and can get steamy and damp with cooking or cleaning this spray is an essential in the well-stocked kitchen. It will work perfectly for your kitchen walls and surfaces and serves as a multipurpose spray for many surfaces.

You can use it all over the house where moulds have infested. It kills instantly. Moreover, it works perfectly on woods, decks, railing, outdoor pieces of furniture, tiles, fibre glass, and more.

Thus, you can get rid of stains and odours as fast as seconds. No need of wasting time scrubbing or mixing reagents since this product is cheap and an absolute money-back guarantee.

well-stocked kitchen
Having the essentials ready keeps your kitchen safe and healthy

Weimann stainless steel wipes

With corona happening, it is essential to observe cleanliness. Weimann stainless steel wipes are all you need to have all your appliances lustrous.

If you need to clean or polish your BBQ grill, strove, fridge, or want them to maintain the newly purchased look, then better have Weimann wipes. They will transform your disgusting kitchen from a “ewe to a wow” in just minutes.

The Well-stocked Kitchen Bucket

I believe cleaning a kitchen should be an overall thing not just overlooking the dishes. It’s vital to have a bucket whether you are using it for cleaning purposes or storing your items. Don’t underestimate the importance of owning one.

Microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths are super handy to keep in the kitchen. They help to gently clean surfaces without living any trace of dirt, fur, and dust. What is more they wont scratch your kitchen surfaces, so your kitchen counters stay looking shiny and new.  These cloths should absolutely count as a staple item in your well-stocked kitchen.

All these items are available in leading stores at pocket-friendly prices. However, buying all of them in one go could strain the budget of any new homeowner with all the costs of moving and preparing a new home. Focus on the priorities. You could try a few home remedies like baking soda though that wouldn’t guarantee effectiveness. Just ensure you build up a stock of these kitchen essentials to ensure you are equipped and ready for every domestic challenge.



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