Tidying up tips for house sitters

24 Feb, 2023

Tidying up tips for house sitters

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When you start housesitting you need to remember you are staying in someone’s home. With that in mind we have prepared a short article with some tidying up tips for house sitters. Knowing what to bring when house sitting can be a puzzle. But remembering to tidy up and take all your things home can also be a challenge. Read on to learn more.

Tidying up tips for house sitters

Make sure the house is tidy and organised

You’re watching a home for a homeowner host, and you are worried that it’s untidy. However, you should leave i as neat as possible before they come back. Whether you’re working professionally or as an exchange of services through a platform like Housesitmatch, try to leave a good impression.

But how do you make sure that everything is up to par in the house before handing it back over? Here are some tips for house sitters to help you think about keeping the house is in order. Keep a record of how you found the home. This will help you return the home to the standards of the homeowner.

Take out the trash

Even if the trash only has a little garbage in it, you will need to empty it. Pull the bags out of each trash can, making sure you are not forgetting any of the bins in the home. This way, you avoid leaving behind any unpleasant rubbish or smells. What smells okay today may not smell so good tomorrow, so it is better to be safe than sorry. No one likes to see anyone else’s trash in their home.

Remove all the rubbish to ensure a clean and tidy home.  When you empty the trash, be sure to check for anything that needs to be wiped down or recycled. Some of the garbage may have spilled out when you put it into the bin so wipe around the bins. 


Check curtains and furniture for movement

What did you move out of place that should be put back before you leave? You probably picked up all the items that belonged to you and took care of the dirty dishes, but did you forget about any furniture that you might have moved?

What about the curtains- did you put them back just the way you found them? Everything should be as it was left before you got there, so look at each curtain and each piece of furniture carefully. Decide if they need to be moved back or if they are still in the right position. It’s the little things that make a big difference on people’s comfort and happiness levels.


Consider a professional cleaning

deep clean a home
Deep clean – wipe surfaces carefully and around edges

If there is too much to tidy up, you may want to have the professionals come in and clean for you. They can clean much faster and better than you and having them handle this part of the tidying can leave you to sort out other tasks that need to get done before the owners return.  Don’t just trust the professional cleaners will have attended to everything.

Top tips for house sitters – you must be sure to check the house after the cleaners from Las Vegas or wherever you live are done with their work.  They might have moved some things out of their original location that should be moved back in place. This is a great option if you are in a time crunch or you don’t feel up to the task of cleaning everything yourself.


Make the dishes shine

One of the most important clean-up tasks you can do before you leave is to ensure that all of the dishes are cleaned up. You might have used paper plates and plastic forks while you were sitting for the owners, and in that case, there should not be much to tidy up in the kitchen.

Top tips for house sitters – Make sure the counter and sink are perfectly spotless before you head out. If you did use their dishes, though, you should clean them well and then dry them too so there isn’t any work for the owners to do. Even if they have a dishwasher you can use, you still ought to put the dishes in their assigned locations to make things easier on the owners.


Check for security and safety

improve home security
Close and lock windows and doors, especially downstairs and always when you are out

One of your responsibilities as a house sitter is to make sure that the home stays secure while you are there. If you won’t be handing the house back over to the owners directly, then make sure you lock up everything before you leave out.

Top tips for house sitters – Always check doors and windows with care, making sure you don’t miss any. Even check the ones you didn’t use while you were there, as the owners might not have secured them properly.

Safety in the home

Also check for any safety or tripping hazards. Any cleaning tools that are out of place or toys that are not put away can cause trips and falls. Take this part of your job seriously, since falls are the leading cause of death for the elderly.

Make sure there is enough space to walk between items of furniture. Plus clean up any spills that you find. Ensure every item is stored away neatly, even if it wasn’t that way when you came to the house. The owners will expect that their home will be tidy and safe for them when they get back, so be sure to meet and even exceed that expectation.


Launder bedding and towels

create an organised and efficient home
Keeping on top of the laundry is a good idea when housesitting in someone’s home

Did you use and dirty any towels or bedding while you were watching the house? Well you will need to clean these as well. It’s only polite. In fact this is one of the most important tidying up tips for house sitters. Knowing house sitting etiquette where to sleep and what sheets to use can be a challenge for a new sitter. 

Top tips for house sitters – Remember, no one wants to sleep on the used linen or to find used towels strewn around the house. Just as you would expect clean towels and bedsheets on your arrival at a housesit or hotel so you should prepare the home.

Top tips for house sitters – Clean and put away all the linen –  The homeowners expect their bedding and bathroom laundry to be clean on their return. It’s not a bad idea to clean all of the linen and towels in the house before they return. This is whether you used them all or not. This will give the owners a clean-smelling, fresh home to welcome them.


Welcome gift of flowers or groceries

Top tips for house sitters – Always ensure you leave a token of thanks for the homeowner. it is a gesture to show appreciation for the collaboration. This may seem odd but it is one of our top tips. If they left you milk, fruit and bread in the fridge return the favour. Some housesitters like to leave a bouquet of flowers, it’s a wonderful welcome home gesture.

A thank you gesture of fruit or groceries is a nice welcome home gesture


Tips for house sitters in summary

Think about how you would like to be treated as a host. If you are looking at how to become a house sitter with no experience take particular head. These are useful tips that will help you organise the home nicely for the owners. What touches would they appreciate? And what would make them want to ask you to come back and offer your services again?

Preparing for the homeowner’s return you go through the house making a detailed list.  Look at what needs to be done before they return.Time your preparation so that that home is ready in time.


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