Time to upgrade the front door – Here’s why

29 Jul, 2021

Time to upgrade the front door – Here’s why

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Every home has a front door. And every homeowner should consider why and when it is time to upgrade the front door. Here are some reasons and ways to upgrade your front door to your home.

Reasons why you might want to upgrade the front door

upgrade the front door to coordinate with your window designs
Sometimes you just need a refresh to your façade, so upgrade the front door

Your front door is the first thing that your guests and visitors see when they come to your home. It sets the tone for how they should feel about your home and can make a great first impression on those who enter. However, over time front doors will lose their charm and beauty because of wear and tear from weathering or other factors. If you are thinking of upgrading your front door, here are some reasons why you might want to do so!


To upgrade an existing front door means you have the opportunity to improve the overall look of your home. The aesthetics of front doors can be as important to homeowners as the practical aspects. If you want your front door to look its best, it needs to match your home’s exterior and not clash with anything else on the property.

For example, if you have a colonial or craftsman exterior, then it’s probably best to get front doors that match this type, too, so nothing about their appearance is out of place. The front entryway, in general, should also reflect what we value most about our homes – character, beauty, safety, and accessibility. Upgrade the front door to reflect the character and personality of your home.

A modern look

On the other hand, if you have a modern home, then you can go for a new sleek front door with sidelights that will look stylish and attractive. If you are not sure what would look best, there are many professional door companies that can help you choose the right option for your home.

maintain an old house
Managing your older characterful property is vital, that includes the front door.

People often buy together and match doors with windows on the front of their homes. If you have an arched window, then your front door should be a matching style, too – this is more important for those with brick or stone exteriors because it’s such a prominent feature on the front of the home and needs to look right together. It is a great opportunity to upgrade the front door.

Having that in mind, you can visit places like Simpson Windows & Doors or other similar sellers that offer a variety of choices. Just make sure to browse through everything before you make your final choice. 

Security and the front door

Another reason you might want to upgrade the front door is security. The front door is a common point of entry for burglars and also has the potential to be used as an escape route by thieves after they’ve broken in.

The door made out of wood or metal can’t provide much protection from intruders if it’s not reinforced with steel bolts, which are bolted through both sides at the top and bottom near the hinges so that even if someone gets inside, they won’t be able to get back outside without removing them first.

upgrade the front door
Manage the appearance of the door with the rest of your façade

New front doors come with plenty of different materials, including metals such as aluminium which doesn’t rust as iron does, Fiberglass-reinforced polyethylene (preferred because it’s lighter than wood), vinyl plastic composite material (a good choice because you can get a front door that looks like wood without the maintenance), and steel (a heavy-duty option but it’s worth considering because of its protection against intruders).

If you’re renting your property, then security should be a big consideration – many landlords will offer their tenants new front doors before they renew their lease.

Increase home value

The front door often determines the value of your home. A front door that is too small or an entranceway that looks uninviting can be a sign to potential home buyers of what awaits them inside your house. A lot of front doors from companies offer high-quality craftsmanship and elegant designs at affordable prices.

When it’s time for you to upgrade your front door, whether because your old one has worn out after years of use, you’re starting fresh on a new property purchase, or just want something more modern, you should have an idea of how your choice might reflect on the value of your house. 

Upgrade the front door and increase energy efficiency 

modern day home security
Front doors are usually large openings as the main entrance. Upgrade the front door to improve energy efficiency

One of the best reasons to upgrade the front door is to improve energy efficiency. New, low-E glass can save you about 39% on heating and cooling costs in just one year! You could also opt for a patio door with vinyl insulation or an insulated storm door, which will help keep heat from escaping through the entrance.  

It may be time for a replacement if the current exterior has been scratched up by people passing through it all day long or there are visible signs of damage on the frame and hardware. You might also want to replace your front door after any major storm events that left any debris around the entrance, such as hail storms or winds from hurricanes. If you’re moving into a new house, then this would be one of the first things to think about.

In summary – why upgrade the front door

Front doors are one of the most important parts of a house. It protects your family and home from intruders, but it can also be an element that brings style into your home. If you’re considering updating or changing out your front door for any reason, your home’s exterior, make sure you follow our advice!


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