Tips on Cleaning Carpet and Pet Stains Without Breaking A Sweat

12 May, 2020

Tips on Cleaning Carpet and Pet Stains Without Breaking A Sweat

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With pets living inside the home any home and pet owner knows the importance of carpet cleaning and especially the swift and effect cleaning of pet stains. Here are some top tips for the essentials in carpet cleaning when you live with pets.

Cleaning Carpets and Pet Stains – What you need to know

pet stains
Managing pet stains is critical in any home

For many of us, our pets are just as much a part of the family as our children or significant others. The only downside to pets in the home is the mess that they undoubtedly bring with them everywhere they go, from hair strewn all over the furniture and carpets, to incessant scratching and accidents on the floor. It’s safe to say our pets require a lot of time chasing around after them and cleaning up their perpetual mess.  

Clean it Up As Soon As It Happens!

pet stains
Learning to clean up pet stains immediately will help maintain the property

If you have the pleasure, or shall we say displeasure, of owning a kitten or a puppy then I’m sure you’re more than familiar with pining after your pet and cleaning up their never-ending mess.  There is a home carpet cleaner you can use that is great at trapping dirt. Re-carpeting your entire home can prove costly, so the solution is to clean it up before it becomes permanent.

According to Cleaner Wiki, the key when cleaning with the aftermath of a cat or dog mess is to clean it up as quickly as possible; often immediately after you notice it.

If you leave it to fester it can permanently stain your carpet or flooring. If you can wash the rug or carpet, mop up and clean as much of the mess as possible, then make sure to use a detergent sheet and ensure a rinse wash is applied.

Urine can prove the most problematic, and as animals are not particular about where they relieve themselves, often you can end up with a house littered with excrement and urine, so the best thing to do is act fast. The longer the mess sits on the floor, the worse the smell will get, and the worse the stain will become. 

Pet care at home

The Strategy To Keep Your Carpets Clean!

  1. Mix water with vinegar, a half, and half solution.
  2. Apply the solution to the affected area
  3. With a wire brush begin gently scrubbing the area.
  4. Dab the area with newspapers or clean paper towels.
  5. Hoover the area to remove any dirt or excess moisture that could prove detrimental to your carpet.
  6. With baking soda, mix hydrogen peroxide and dish-washing detergent.
  7. Apply the solution over the afflicted area.
  8. Mix the solution and scrub with the same wire brush. Allow to dry, and then hoover up as quickly as you possibly can.
  9. Let dry.

Pet care

Strategies for pet stains

With pets inside you need to manage cleanliness all the more

Unfortunately, as I’m sure all pet owners know, cats are not particularly choosy when it comes to their methods of defiling a carpet. This also applies to  where they go. Should they defecate you will probably know immediately. The offensive stench will make its presence known, and you will immediately go in search for the source of the smell. If the faeces is already dry you will be able to scoop it up in a tissue and dispose of it. If not:

  1. Collect the faeces in a piece of tissue.
  2. Treat the stain with a gentle carpet cleaner. Use something appropriate for use around pets, and not full of harsh chemical agents.
  3. So scrub the spot with a brush and apply water. Scrub again and repeat until the stain is no longer visible.
  4. Use fresh cotton or paper towels to absorb as much of the moisture as you possibly can. Continue repeating until the carpet is dry and the stain is no more.
  5. Repeat with the similar vinegar and water solution as with urine and apply it to the area.
  6. Dry with paper towels after scrubbing.
  7. Sprinkle with baking soda and leave overnight.
  8. Hoover in the morning.

Briefing a live in petsitter

Be gentle with pet stains

And so when cleaning pet stains, or briefing a live in petsitter, it is important you do not make a grab for harsh agents or chemicals like bleach or ammonia. This is because they can prove to be detrimental to your pet’s respiratory system and cause no end of harm and irreparable damage. It is recommended that you purchase cleaning agents designed for cleaning pet stains and specifically for use around pets at pet stores or supermarket pet aisles.



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