Tips to Make Your Wooden Blinds Last

23 Dec, 2020

Tips to Make Your Wooden Blinds Last

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Wooden blinds have a special aesthetic appeal. Whether they are used on windows of a house or an apartment every homeowner knows the appeal slightly traditional, the warmer character of wooden blinds. While not everyone likes the look, they are becoming increasingly popular. But maintenance is important to make them last as long as possible and retain their attraction.

Here are some tips on how to keep them looking great.

Here’s how to Make Your Wooden Blinds Last

wooden blinds
Some wooden blinds are easier to maintain than others


Wooden blinds are becoming the most popular choice of window covering in many homes. Not only do they last a lifetime, but they offer outstanding lighting and privacy. But like all things, once in a while they may need a little backup and cleaning to maintain the smooth look they provide. This article will review the best techniques to use when cleaning your wooden blinds, and offer the best tips on how to maintain them, to keep them looking better for a longer period.

Know your blinds

Window blind manufacturers create detailed instructions for a good reason. When buying a new set of blinds read them carefully and follow all tips that come with them. Also, based on the type and material of your new blinds you can look for specific advice and recommendations, to avoid any potential problems down the road.

Manufacturers always test their guidelines and will give you the most precise information available on how to care for your blinds. When it comes to wooden blinds, the most delicate part of the maintenance is the cleaning process.

What not to do

As wood is a natural material, using any chemicals for maintaining wooden surfaces is not recommended. There are many wood-cleaning products available on the market, promising softness and exceptional shine of your wood. The real truth is, it is best done by using a bit of oil, after cleaning them and drying them properly.

Using chemical cleaning products may damage the blinds and make them look stained. As mentioned already, not drying your blinds properly and leaving them wet is a bad thing. Don’t expose them regularly to the water steam and moisture, this can have highly negative effects.

Not ideal for bathroom

It is known that Excess moisture is wood’s worst enemy. Even though blinds can be used on any window in the house, it is not recommended to fit wooden blinds in the bathroom. Regardless of how well it seems to be sealed, even if you go for quality wooden blinds, wood will still absorb moisture. They are exposed to the clouds of steam multiple times during the day in the bathroom.

The blind slats will begin to twist and warp over a short period. If you intend to use wooden blinds in the bathroom mainly for aesthetic reasons, there are many lookalike wood plastic blinds available on the market, that can be a great substitute. 

wooden blinds
Keep the blinds clean and dust free

Washing wooden blinds

After you have removed the dust, you can start with washing your blinds. For this step, you are going to need a bucket full of warm water and a clean smooth cloth. Damp the cloth and gently wipe over your closed blind slats to remove any excess dust. To remove stains, use water only and then dry them off with a clean cloth afterward.

To add shine to your blinds, add a couple of tablespoons of olive or lemon oil to the water. Nonetheless, remember to dry the blinds off completely with a paper towel after washing them. This is critical to get rid of any water stains that may be left behind and cause the formation of stains.

Removing the dust

Before you start with cleaning it’s important to dust the slats completely. This ensures that the cleaning products used afterward do their job more effectively. It is also recommended to do dusting before you hoover, as the majority of it may fall onto the floor. When cleaning the blind it is easier to start from the top.

Close slats so you can reach most of the surfaces. Use a feather duster or a microfiber cloth, as this will allow you to remove the dust without damaging the wooden surface by accidentally scratching it. You can also use a soft vacuum attachment to suck up the dust and dirt.

How often should you clean them?

There is no strict rule on how often should you clean your wooden blinds. Your routines will depend on many different factors. However, you should keep in mind that wooden blinds usually collect more dust and dirt than other materials like metal or plastic. This means they will require dusting and washing more often.

Try cleaning once a week. As for the stains, you should remove them as soon as they appear to avoid a build-up of stubborn marks which are proved to be much more difficult to remove. Additionally, due to constant sun exposure, your wooden blinds may begin to fade. The discoloration is prevented by applying linseed oil, usually once a year.


Regular cleaning according to the manufacturer’s guidelines will keep your wooden blinds last longer and stay looking brand you as the years go by. Hopefully, these general tips will help you understand the nature of the wood and how to effectively handle it. 

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