Cosy House Sitting: Tips for a Warm and Inviting Experience

8 Oct, 2021

Cosy House Sitting: Tips for a Warm and Inviting Experience

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House-sitting Comfort – Top Tips for House-sitters

For a lot of people, one of the main draws of housesitting and petsitting is the idea of changing their environment. House sitters often enjoy a change of scene and having a nice, comfortable place to stay for a few days – almost like some sort of luxury hotel!

Of course, there are plenty of responsibilities that come with the assignment, nevertheless, for young people, college students, etc., the lure of staying in a friend or neighbour’s home for a few days is certainly appealing. But moving from home to home makes some things very important, for house-sitters ‘house-siting comfort’ becomes very important as they travel with few of their personal possessions.

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That said, however, it can be difficult to juggle the idea of finding house-sitting comfort, getting comfortable in someone else’s home. As a house sitter you don’t want to impose too much when you are the guest.

Reliable housesitters will be highly conscious of not wanting to leave a “footprint,” so to speak, by personalising someone else’s home too much, or by leaving things differently organised or set up. So along these lines, here are 5 tips for how you can optimise your comfort while house-sitting, without affecting the actual home too much!

1. For house-sitting comfort – Bring your own toiletries

This is more comfortable for both you and the people whose home you’re staying in. It’s a pain to get somewhere and see a bunch of foreign shampoos and toothpastes that aren’t what you’re used to – and similarly, the homeowners would probably prefer you not be scraping your toothbrush up against their tubes or draining their shower products! Solve both issues by simply bringing your own toiletries. This is essential for house-sitting comfort and convenience.

2. For house-sitting comfort – Bring a large bag

Personally, I have found this very helpful for the simple factor of storage. It’s always a bit imposing to try to use a home’s drawers or closets on your own (not to mention you risk losing clothes amount the homeowner’s own clothes). I like to bring an oversized suitcase or duffle bag and use it like my own little chest of clothes when I’m staying in someone’s home.

3. For house-sitting comfort – Adjust temperature right away

This is another little trick I’ve developed. It’s perfectly understandable to adjust the thermostat a few degrees up or down when you get to a home, as you’re the one staying there. But this will also keep you from having to constantly use blankets, open windows, etc. to keep yourself comfortable. I find I can generally be less imposing when the actual temperature suits me (not that most homeowners mind your using blankets – it’s just tidier).

4. For house-sitting comfort – Go barefoot

This is a simple little tip, but nonetheless one that alleviates some stress. Even if a homeowner mentions that shoes in the house are fine, you don’t want to be constantly worrying about tracking in dirt or leaving marks – so just go barefoot. It’s an easy “policy” to establish when house-sitting.

For house-sitting comfort bring your own pillows

Cadiz Bed

5. For house-sitting comfort…Bring your own pillows

If you’re like me, you have a few favourite pillows at home that make you feel incredibly comfortable. I like to raid the Dreams Beds and Pillows category, in fact, as the options tend to be just a step up in comfort.

Names like “heavenly pillow” and “tempur cloud pillow” are hardly exaggerations, so this is my go-to for some superior comfort. Picking up a pillow like one of these for your house-sitting ventures is great, cause it gives you some personal house-sitting comfort in someone else’s environment.

This is a guest post by Drew Carson. Drew is an experienced house-sitter always looking to gather and share new tips and tricks.

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