Automatic Flush Toilets: A Mechanism Overview

3 Feb, 2022

Automatic Flush Toilets: A Mechanism Overview

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If you are looking to update your bathroom and perhaps have considered new bathroom units, read on. Ever considered automatic flush toilets and how they work? Many homeowners take on home and especially bathroom renovations. Often we overlook the benefits of an automatic flushing mechanism. Here is all about how they work and even how you an adapt an existing unit.

How Do Automatic Flush Toilets Work?

You can convert existing toilets to flush automatically

If you’ve ever walked into modern restrooms at shopping malls or public washrooms, you’ve probably come across this kind of convenience. With a superb automatic flush feature, you don’t need to touch the button to flush down waste!

If you love the convenience and hygiene of these smart units, you’ll want to install an automatic flush toilet in your home. They are a godsend. Alternatively, you can transform your regular toilet into an automatic flush. There are many no-touch flushing kits to help you do that.

So, before you learn how automatic flush toilets work and how to convert your regular loo to flush automatically read on to learn more. As a result you will see how this kind of convenience can benefit your home.

Why Install an Automatic Flush Toilet?

Apart from being stylish and convenient, an automatic flush brings a lot of benefits to your bathroom. Some of the reasons to install this system include:

  • Improves hygiene – The idea of not touching a toilet sounds good. Of course, your bathroom may be clean, but an automatic flush just takes the hygiene to another level.
  • Easier to use – Imagine an older person stretching his hand to reach the handle of a regular toilet. With an automatic flush, people with mobility issues won’t have to struggle to push a flush button or pull a lever.
  • No more forgetting to flush – Training your kids to flush a regular toilet can be hard sometimes. Kids can forget to flush going to the bathroom. An automatic flush eliminates this problem, ensuring you won’t cover your nose while entering your restroom due to a stinking odor.
  • Water-saving – An automatic flush is an excellent investment. This kind of flush consumes fewer gallons of water per flush. Nowadays, manufacturers of automatic flush units provide water-compliant kits, which helps to save water.


How Automatic Flush Toilets Work

The operation of an automatic unit is not far from magic. An automatic flush toilet can sense your presence. Then of course once you remove your butt from its bowl and walk away, it senses a change. As a result, it flushes itself automatically. An automatic flush toilet usually has a sensor, infrared LED detector, and projector that can ‘sense’ when someone is seated.

A microchip signals the LED projector to produce infrared beams at constant intervals. When you sit on the toilet bowl, the infrared light is reflected, and the sensor ‘recognizes’ a presence. Once you are done using the unit and leave, the infrared light does not reflect again, making the sensor activate the flush mechanism to flush waste away.

plumbing maintenance
Updating your bathroom is always a good idea

How To Convert a Regular Loo to Flush Automatically

Did you know you can convert your regular toilet into an accessible, automatic flushing unit? There are several no-touch flushing kits that can help you fulfil this dream. No-touch toilet flushing kits bring modern features to your bathroom unit by offering touchless flushing convenience.

These kits are battery-powered and can serve for a long time. No-touch flushing kits help you reduce the stress of buying and fitting an entirely new unit. Fortunately, there are affordable no-touch toilet flushing kits available in the market.

Common Challenges with Automatic Flush Toilets

A popular complaint from most customers about automatic flush toilets is the system ceasing to function. It’s a nightmare to have a non-functional automatic flush toilet or one with some defaults.

Here are some potential reasons for automatic toilets to malfunction:

  • Battery life – Automatic flush toilets are battery-powered, and you should regularly replace your sensor batteries.
  • Accumulation of dirt in the sensor – The sensor will likely trap a lot of dust over time. But with regular wiping, you should remove the worry of your sensor gathering dirt.
  • Sensor calibration – Automatic flush toilet rely on infrared light to activate flushing. How the sensor is calibrated will determine the efficiency of flushing. Make sure you follow instructions for setting your sensor calibration to optimum efficiency.
  • Sitting posture – Your sitting position can determine how the sensor works. Leaning far forward, far back, or your standing posture influences how the sensor works. A long-term solution for such a problem is to set your sensor to normal operation mode and find the best sitting posture that works for you.

Final Thoughts

Automatic flush toilets have become popular, and getting one for your home will deliver a fantastic clean and economical experience. However, don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch to a whole new unit. You can still install a no-touch flushing kit on your existing unit to perform the magic!



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